Black Desert console update 2.43 is rolling out on PS4 and Xbox One. According to the official Black Desert 2.43 patch notes, the latest update added the Liana’s Tool Bag, changes to skill enhancements of many classes and more. Apart from this, Black Desert Online version 2.43 also includes performance fixes.

A big update was recently released, which added Atoraxxion – Sycrakea dungeon, new Season+ servers, expanded Caphras levels, and more.

Unfortunately, players are still facing various bugs and issues in the game. Today’s Black Desert patch 2.43 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Black Desert Console Update 2.43 – July 7, 2022

“Liana’s Tool Bag,” a bag that automatically equips all tools held within to conveniently perform Gathering activities, has been invented.

– The Interaction button for the proper Gathering materials will appear on the Ring Menu if you get close to the Gathering materials while Liana’s Tool Bag with the Gathering tools is equipped in a slot.
– Use Y/△ to cycle through the options to adjust which tool you are using.
* Herbs: Barehanded Gathering ↔ Gathering via a Hoe
* Trees: Lumbering ↔ Collecting Fluid
* Animals: Butchering ↔ Fluid Extracting ↔ Tanning

※ You can only switch tools in Liana’s Tool Bag on Standby, with Liana’s Tool Bag in your inventory.

● There’s a rumor going around about Liana’s Tool Bag. A convenient tool for gatherers everywhere.
– Rumors say that Adventurers who get recognized as a “knowledgeable Adventurer” by answering all of Liana’s riddles correctly will receive a special bag invented by Valentine’s Apprentices Liana and her younger twin brother, Ludowig.
– You can accept “[Tool Bag] Liana’s Invention” from the Black Spirit from Lv. 49, then find Liana to accept and complete “[Tool Bag] Liana’s Trivia” Part 1 and 2 to obtain Liana’s Tool Bag (once per Family).
※ [TIP] We suggest you prepare Energy Potions since a lot of energy may be consumed during the trivia quiz. 

● Improved the “Use the Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll and Defeat the Boss” objective on the Progression Pass to be completed even when summoning with more than 1 summon scroll.
● Changed the quest objective for [Season Quest] Day 29, A Scroll of Strange Symbols.
– Quest Objective: Use the Scroll Written in Ancient Language → Use the Scroll Written in Ancient Language, then defeat Khalk
※ Can also be completed by summoning with more than 1 summon scroll.

● Improved the Caphras’ Worn Record #1 to 4 Knowledge entries to be learned via talking with O’Arma.

● The icon that indicates items that cannot be equipped (i.e non-seasonal gear on a season character) has been modified so it no longer overlaps with the quantity.
● Improved so the notification widget of the quest progress, conversation and completion displays.
– Notification Widget will show even after meeting the requirements by talking to an NPC.

As mentioned in a previous GM note, we’ve changed the requirement for item notifications that appear at the top of the screen. Previously, notifications displayed when a Green or higher-grade item was obtained. This requiement has changed for displaying blue-grade items or higher, making the notification more useful.
We’ve also removed Black Stones from the notifications. They were once a worthy item, but as it has become easier to obtain them, we have adjusted the notifications not to show these items.

● Changed the requirements for obtained items to appear at the top of the screen as system notifications as follows:
– Improved the system alert displayed when obtaining items from crafting, dismantling, treasure chests, looting, gathering, quests, and talking with NPCs to now only appear for obtaining items of blue grade or higher
* Only notifications for blue grade or higher items that can be registered to the Center Market will show.
* Black Stones and some items didn’t show the notifications regardless of item grades.

● Changed so that cheer motion doesn’t activate when obtaining Black Gem.

● Fixed some of the summaries and dialog text of the following quests:
– [Daily] Supplies Delivery (Tinberra Island), [Daily] Supplies Delivery (Oquilla’s Eye), [Daily] Supplies Delivery (Iliya Island), [Bonus] Supplies Delivery (Pirate Island), One Who Could Not Befriend the Forest, The One in Search of Fire, The One Who Chases the Flames, Secrets in the Art

● Fixed titles of the following quests from Suggested quests:
– Just Wonderin’, In Search of a Master, To Oquilla’s Eye, Easy Peasy, Kakuo, Reborn as a Brilliant Artist

● Fixed typos in the following Knowledge keywords:
– Argos Sand Tower, Argos Obsidian Energy, Argos Artifact Repository

● Fixed an issue where other languages would display when viewing the probability of exchanging pets in certain situations.
● Improved the “”Accept Appointment to Guild Master”” button that is activated when a guild leader has been inactive for 15 days or more to display a notification and confirmation message.

● The UI for the party scroll summon function (Ancient Relic Crystal etc), the UI has been shifted to be slightly higher than before.
● Fixed the issue of forced PvP activating when other Adventurers attack when a character with Karma lower than 0 mounts on a cannon placed by a guild member with Karma 1 or higher.
● Abnormal exposure of some backgrounds has been fixed.
● Fixed an issue where in certain situations, registering workers to the Worker Exchange would not work correctly.
● Fixed an issue where slot expansion buttons were visible in the Guild Wharf and Guild Stables.
● Fixed an issue where in certain situations the quantity of items stored in a boat were not visible.

Download free Black Desert version 2.43 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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