Black Desert console update 2.57 is available to download on PS4. According to the official Black Desert 2.57 patch notes, the latest update brings Agris Fever changes, Season Graduation, as well as the quality of life changes. Apart from this, Black Desert Online version 2.57 also includes stability improvements.

A big update was recently released, which added Atoraxxion – Sycrakea dungeon, new Season+ servers, expanded Caphras levels, and more. Unfortunately, players are still facing various bugs and issues in the game. Today’s Black Desert patch 2.55 will fix a few of these issues.

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Black Desert Console Update 2.57 – November 23, 2022

Quest, Knowledge

  • Changed some rewards of the Valencia main questline:
    • HP Potion (Large) → Instant HP Potion (Extra Large)
    • MP Potion (Large) → Instant MP Potion (Extra Large)
    • Awakening Weapon Box → Part for Explorer’s Compass
    • Quest reward where you select between Star Anise Tea and Purified Water → Star Anise Tea and Purified Water both given
  • Added Ancient Explorer’s Compass as a reward for completing Valencia main questline [Valencia] The Founding Legend.
  • Added Spirit Stone Fragment as a reward for completing Kamasylvia main questline.
    • [Kamasylvia] Looney, a Spirit of Polly’s Forest quest → Water Spirit Stone Fragment x10
    • [Kamasylvia] The Gloomy Forest quest → Water Spirit Stone Fragment x10
    • [Kamasylvia] White Warrior quest → Earth Spirit Stone Fragment x20
    • [Kamasylvia] Catherine’s Worry I quest → Wind Spirit Stone Fragment x20
    • [Kamasylvia] Catherine’s Story quest → Tree Spirit Stone Fragment x20
  • Gorgath of Calpheon is teaching some of his own knowledge to Adventurers.
    • He can teach you the Knowledge of “Org” if you didn’t previously learn it from finishing the [Boss] The Greedy Overlord quest.
    • You can acquire “Queen Stoneback Crab” knowledge again if you don’t have it after completing “Secret of the Giant Rocks”.

NPC, Background, Sound

  • Dalishain, who was only focused on her research, has started to answer Adventurers’ questions.


  • Fixed an issue where certain parts of the Guild UI’s Guild Member Status were not displaying as intended.
  • Changed the text that displays when entering names for Character Creation that go against Black Desert’s policies.

Pearl Shop

  • Added the special title “Sala’s Star” that is obtainable by purchasing the following Salanar themed outfit sets:
    • [Witch, Sorceress, Wizard, Sage] Salanar Premium Set
    • [Shai] Salanar Classic Set
      • Use [Title] Sala’s Star item to obtain the title and it can be applied/removed via the My Info – Title – World tab.
      • [Title] Sala’s Star has been given on Nov 16 (Wed) maintenance to Adventurers who have purchased the above anytime after the October 12th maintenance (UTC) and before the November 23rd maintenance (UTC).

Modified or Changed

  • [Nova] Fixed the issue where the camera’s position was abnormal when opening the Dye window.
  • [Nova] Fixed the issue where the Imperium Armor’s dye parts 0 to 2 did not display properly.
  • [Maehwa] Fixed the issue where the “Hwasun Valley” and “Red Moon” outfits would overlap with the thighs when on a slope.
  • Fixed the issue where Drakania’s hair appeared abnormal from the beginning to the end of her exclusive animation.
  • Fixed the issue where the game would occasionally crash at the loading screen.
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to escape when moving your character into a specific location within the Sherekhan Iron Mine.
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to proceed when the party member has the Skills window open when the party leader uses the Boss Summon Scroll.
  • Fixed the issue where the effect from the Atoraxxion pet taken out did not disappear when the function to view pets was set to hidden.
  • Fixed certain typos found in NPC Herman Feresio’s dialogue.
  • Fixed the issue where your inputs didn’t work when a cutscene played after your character had died.
  • Fixed the issue where skill acquisition-related guide UI appeared continuously when loading the Skill Preset in certain situations.
  • Improved quest objective to be more detailed for “It’s No Use Hiding!”
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to travel to certain areas in Northwestern Calpheon.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not move out of the fog once it was placed during a match in the Arena of Arsha.
  • Fixed items with long names to linebreak automatically in the Extract Reform Stone UI.
  • In regards to the issue where Treant’s Tear’s Life EXP was not being applied correctly, Mystical Spirit Powder has been sent to Adventurers who possessed a Treant’s Tear prior to the November 23rd maintenance (UTC).
  • Fixed an issue where the +/- icons in the Find NPC menu appeared abnormally.
  • Fixed the issue where getting hit by a Pull debuff would sometimes move your character to an abnormal location while battling in the Arena of Arsha.
  • Improved so that mail can be resent when items failed to be sent to your mail via Web Storage.

Download free Black Desert version 2.57 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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