Battlefield 2042 update 2.2 (BF2042 Update 1.22) is available on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official BF2042 1.22 patch notes, the latest update brings a reworked Orbital, with an improved gameplay flow and cover. Apart from this, today’s Battlefield 2042 version 1.22 (1.000.024) also includes 3 new Vault Weapons are available in All-Out Warfare; the ACW-R, AKS-74u and MP412 REX and much more.

Previously, a major BF2042 update 2.0 added addressed the visual effects (VFX) of Paik’s EMG-X Scanner. Recently, an update 2.1 also added Renewal Rework, 3 new Vault Weapons added to All-Out Warfare and a new Polaris RZR transport vehicle. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing various disconnection and login issues with the game. Today’s Battlefield 2042 patch 1.22 will fix a few of these issues.

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BF2042 Update 1.22 Patch Notes (v2.2) – October 20, 2022

The Update Overview:

  • A reworked version of Orbital with an improved gameplay flow, more cover and assets, and terrain improvements
  • 3 new Vault Weapons enter the All-Out Warfare arsenal; the ACW-R, AKS-74u and MP412 REX
  • Premium Battle Pass holders will have the option to keep their servers visible in the Server Browser via the new Persistent Servers Feature even when they’re not playing
  • Laser Sight behavior on weaponry has received improved visuals and is now more fluid and reactive with movement

New Vault Weapons

ACW-R – Battlefield 3

A lightweight, feature-heavy rifle platform chambering a recoil-reducing round. It’s reliable in all weather conditions from wet, sticky jungles to gritty deserts.

Unlock Assignments:

  • 100 Kills and Assists with the ACW-R or M5A3
  • 20 Headshot Kills with Assault Rifles

AKS-74u – Battlefield: Bad Company 2 / Battlefield 3

A compact and maneuverable platform that excels in CQB situations. 30-round magazine and high rate of fire help you say goodbye to the competition. Just keep it under control.

Unlock Assignments:

  • 100 Kills and Assists with AKS-74u or AM40
  • 8 Kills with Assault Rifles from a distance of 25m or less in a round

MP412 REX – Battlefield: Bad Company 2 / Battlefield 3

The “revolver for export” chambers the .357 round with a 6 round capacity and high damage. But being a revolver, it is low capacity and requires more time to reload.

Unlock Assignments:

  • 60 Kills and Assists with the MP-412 REX or M44
  • 10 Headshot Kills with Secondary Weapons



  • The in-game Blocked Players list now updates in realtime when Blocking or Unblocking a user from the same platform
  • The Squad VOIP UI is no longer visible on the Home Menu when starting the game
  • When joining a Portal Featured Experience, the map location icon is now displayed on the loading screen in the bottom-left corner of the screen
  • Resolved an issue that could display the same Welcome Screen multiple times when booting the game
  • When joining a friend in Conquest in All-Out Warfare, the bottom left corner of the loading screen now correctly states US/RU instead of No-Pat Conquest
  • Some PC menu buttons and screens have been updated to no longer show “(F) Change Settings” if pressing that button would have no effect
  • Red background lights should no longer clip through player models in the Home Screen
  • PS5 – The Activity menu on PlayStation 5 now correctly show the actual in-game activity, instead of always stating Conquest
  • The “5 Kills and Assists as” Assignment to unlock a cosmetic for Crawford and Lis now track Assists correctly
  • The “Hellbent” Player Card Tag now tracks Season 2 missions correctly. This fix should be retroactive
  • The name of Crawfords Mounted Vulcan in the Mastery criteria has been corrected. Turret Assists now also progress it
  • Addressed a bug with the Statistics page not correctly tracking damage dealt with Season 2 weapons
  • Unobtainable Seasonal badges for expired Seasons are no longer present in the Upcoming rewards screen
  • Addressed a bug with Battle Rass rank ups being missed when a player ranks up too quickly
  • Added the ability to equip Player Card Backgrounds from the Battle Pass screens
  • Addressed a bug with the Battle Pass Mastery Badge tracking slowly. The badge should now track correctly when progress is made
  • Addressed a bug where the XP bar travels backwards in the XP summary screen


  • Added improvements and fixes to the Audio of C5
  • Removed a faulty Voice Line after capturing E2 on Renewal
  • Added general Audio tweaks and mixing on Orbital
  • Added sound on burning wreck on Orbital
  • Made audio improvements to Ranger’s footstep patterns when they are off screen
  • Fixed an audio issue with Ranger’s footsteps when they come to a standstill


  • Fixed a minor bug where a backslash symbol was present in the World Log while AI resupplies, heals or revives revives
  • Addressed a bug where grenades did not show any indicators unless facing an enemy grenade. Sometimes problems just hit you in the face
  • Addressed a bug where the “No Ammo” prompt is displayed when throwing your last available grenade
  • The wrong name is no longer displayed for the FXM-33 within the Collection screen
  • Fixed a bug where the left arm is not visible while using the Med-Pen while traversal sprint is active
  • Addressed a bug where the Repair Tool was shaking during the repairing or damaging animation
  • The Recoilless M5, SOFLAM, FXM-33 AA Missile and Javelin can now lock onto empty or neutral vehicles


  • Stranded has been added to the Custom Conquest Game Mode
  • MCOMs added to TDM, FFA, VTDM, and Custom Conquest Game Modes

Rules Editor

MCOM releated blocks have been added to the Rules Editor. Using these new blocks, you will be able to listen for and manipulate MCOMs to add to your game modes:

  • MCOM Objectives
  • MCOMDefused block
  • MCOMDestroyed block
  • MCOMArmed block
  • AllMCOMs block
  • SetFuseTime block
  • Added MCOM objective to EnableObjective block
  • Added MCOM objective to Teleportation block
  • Added MCOM objective to SetTeamOwner block
  • Added MCOM objective to TeamOwner block
  • Added MCOM objective to IsActive block
  • RemainingFuseTime block
  • IsDefusing block
  • IsDefused block
  • IsArming block
  • IsArmed block

Other new blocks have been added to the Rules Editor:

  • GetCapturePointPosition block
  • EnableCapturing block
  • IsType block
  • OnPlayerDamaged block
  • OnPlayerEarnKillAssist block
  • Vehicle Repair block
  • Vehicle Damage block


  • FriendlyFireDamageReflection mutator has been added. When using this Mutator, all damage dealt to friendlies will be reflected back at the player after two friendly fire kills.


  • Addressed a bug which prevented movement in any direction while using a parachute
  • Soldiers are no longer able to stand on Flying Drones. Drones are not made for surfing and you should know better
  • Soldiers no longer spin for a brief moment after exiting vehicles
  • Addressed a bug where reload animations sometimes wouldn’t play as intended directly after being revived
  • Addressed a bug where moving slowly while prone could prevent the matching animations from being played
  • Soldier physics and animation stances were sometimes out of sync. This allowed movement into spaces where there wasn’t enough room to stand
  • Fixed several instances where input didn’t work while parachuting
  • Soldiers will now stop faster when starting a revive while sliding. This should prevent you from sliding out of range while starting a revive
  • Fixes several instances where the vaulting animation didn’t trigger on stairs or steep slopes
  • You can no longer deploy on a squad mate who is close to an enemy vehicle
  • It’s no longer possible to to revive teammates through glass windows on Renewal and Exposure



  • Fixed a bug where playing Angel and being in the MD540 Nightbird passenger seat prevented you from dropping a Supply Crate


  • Addressed a bug where going outside the SG-36 Sentry Gun’s range breaks its firing animation while the Sentry Gun is moving


  • Fixed a bug where “Enter Drone” prompt is present on screen even when the player does not use Casper’s tablet
  • Addressed a bug with the EMP weapon icon missing while controlling Caspers’ Recon Drone


  • Fixed a bug where you could disappear from the map, and squad mates wouldn’t be able to spawn on you when operating the Mounted Vulcan
  • Fixed an animation issue when picking up the Mounted Vulcan
  • Addressed a bug where the “No Ammo” prompt appears when picking up the Mounted Vulcan
  • Addressed a bug where the Mounted Vulcan shooting sound gets stuck while alt-tabbed
  • The Mounted Vulcan can now be repaired


  • Fixed a bug where bashing a vehicle with Dozer’s SOB-8 Ballistic Shield and entering it at the same time will break 1P animations
  • Friendly players can no longer move through Dozer while his Shield is deployed


  • Resolved a broken self-heal animation upon using the S21 Syrette Pistol


  • Addressed a bug where Irish’s “Veteran” Trait prevented picking up ammo from fallen enemies
  • Addressed a bug where the APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel’s in-world icon appears blue instead of green
  • Addressed a bug where the APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel’s icon is not aligned when placing it on uneven terrain
  • Fixes several bugs which allowed the DCS Deployable Cover to be deployed inside players, vehicles or assets


  • Fixed a bug where Lis dealt 0 damage when shooting herself with the G-84 TGM. We don’t know why you want to do that though.
  • Fixed an art issue with Lis after entering BF3 Portal Collection


  • An animation issue for Mackay during End of Round has been fixed


  • Addressed a bug with Paiks’ Scanner where the “Got one!” Voice Over would trigger while no enemy was visible on the minimap


  • Addressed a bug with Rao’s Cyber Warfare Suite where a white scanning Indicator was momentarily visible when first equipping it
  • Addressed a bug with Rao not getting XP when Hacking doors


  • Addressed a bug where Sundance bounces while opening the Wingsuit close to the ground
  • Addressed a bug where the wrong name isdisplayed for Sundance’s Grenade Belt


We have made numerous smaller fixes across several maps with a focus on fixing bugs which could detract from a smooth and immersive gameplay experience. You should find less distractions such as becoming stuck, seeing floating, glitched or low quality terrain and assets.


  • Fixed some ice and snow covered mounds spawning with low quality textures when explosives are used nearby


  • Fixed reflecting lights on the ship interior floor that didn’t accurately change position during movement


  • Addressed a bug where soldiers could clip through the roof texture and see outside a building at A2
  • Fixed extended collision of several pine trees that prevented players from shooting through them
  • Addressed a bug where players could get stuck behind an invisible collision after falling from a cliff at B1
  • Players will no longer clip through metal beams after climbing on crates at D4
  • Addressed a bug in 64 player Breakthrough where the terrain around fences could be destroyed enough to them float
  • Fixed several areas in structures where soldiers could get stuck
  • Addressed a bug on B1 between containers and landslides which allowed players to crawl through them towards the other side
  • Fixed issue in Breakthrough where soldiers could get stuck between barriers and containers in the tunnel from US HQ to the C1 flag
  • Fixed issue at D3 where soldiers could not traverse the middle of this elevation when running towards the zipline
  • Addressed a bug on several locations where sometimes Soldiers could either go below, or into unintended locations of the map
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to see through mountain textures
  • Fixed issue where the Interaction Key remained visible after having interacted with automatic doors
  • Addressed a bug at where grenades could get glitched in the ceiling of the room with the D1 flag
  • Fixed multiple issues of stretched and corrupted textures across the map
  • Fixed multiple areas on the map where Soldiers could clip through assets or terrain
  • Fixed multiple misplaced or floating assets across the map


  • Addressed a bug with several buildings having collisions outside their visuals. This means they unintentionally could blog bullets
  • Fixed issue on Deploy Screen where the button to select a vehicle was covered by the loadout UI
  • Hourglass – Addressed a bug where light panels near C1 had no animation when being destroyed


  • Culling behavior on windows at the base of buildings has been improved
  • Addressed a bug at C2 where the terrain near the plaza avenue planter could be destroyed enough to see the front of the asset partially float
  • Fixed several terrain and craters issues at B3
  • Fixed issue where anti-air background atmosphere tracers were placed too close to the air OOB area.
  • Addressed a bug at C2 between the electrical box and plaza foundation which prevented traversal
  • Fixed multiple asset clipping issues across the map
  • Addressed a bug on B4 where destroyed terrain could cause assets to float
  • Addressed a bug at C1 with hydrant water VFX inside the building.
  • Addressed a bug with the command post in B1 that had the material physics set to metal resulting in the wrong footsteps SFX


  • Removed several invisible walls on Manifest
  • Fixed several light culling issues on floodlights


  • Fixed several areas on Orbital where the light was overexposed when looking outdoors from inside a building
  • Fixed several lighting and shadow issues across tunnels in Orbital
  • Fixed several issues at B2 where Soldier encountered traversal issues when passing through two rocks and trying to return
  • Fixed an C5 Explosive issue that disappeared and did not do any damage when placed in the buildings around the D2 flag
  • Addressed a bug where soldier could get stuck under the rocket launching pad
  • Addressed a bug where multiple different impact SFX are audible when throwing any grenade at the ceiling inside D2 storage units
  • Fixed multiple issues where light was bleeding inside/outside buildings and containers
  • Addressed a bug where control panels would remain and float after their surrounding buildings were destroyed
  • Addressed a bug where you could not Hack after being Hacked by an enemy


  • Fixed several issues with draw distance and culling of objects across the map
  • Addressed a bug in Hazard Zone where Uplinks were in locations where they couldn’t be interacted with
  • Addressed a bug on Sector D where Soldiers could be flag as out of bounds


  • Battlefield Portal layouts are now available for Stranded
  • Fixed issue at B1 where defenders in Rush were able to snipe at the A objective in the first sector from their HQ
  • Addressed a bug at C2 where prone soldiers could clip with the tower platforms and could be damaged by bullets
  • Addressed a bug where the widget for the random deploy point was missing in FFA based Portal modes
  • Addressed a bug at C1 where an occluder was visible when looking inside the middle part of the ship near a container
  • Addressed a bug where soldiers were able to interact with a non usable ladder on the ship deck
  • Addressed a bug at C1 where a corner from the marketplace section in the middle of the ship was turning bright when the player was facing the wall
  • Addressed a bug at C2 where Mackay could camp on top of support beam
  • Addressed a bug in Breakthrough where squad members could be seen walking through boxes during the insertion sequence


  • Bolte – Reduced size of Bolte incendiary mine AOE to match VFX.
  • Characters with items on their backs should no longer clip through the seat of the Tuk-Tuk
  • AMPs on the EBLC-RAM now blocks Sundance’s Scatter Grenades
  • The EBLC-RAM spawn beacon now gets destroyed by storms
  • Addressed a bug that would cause vehicles to jitter while using the 3p cameras of Tanks and Stealth Helicopters
  • Addressed a bug where overlapping icons would be present when AI’s are occupying all the remaining seats in a vehicle
  • Fixed vehicles freezing for a few seconds when switching seats on a moving platform.
  • Fixes an issue which was causing some vehicle cameras to drift upwards while turning.
  • Ground Vehicles – Reduced the impulse of ground vehicles 50mm cannon. This should stop vehicles such as the MD540 Nightbird from being pushed too much by weapon impacts.
  • Improved the collision of tank shells when aiming close to the side of an object.
  • KA-520 Super Hokum and MV-38 Condor – The Miniguns for Ground Vehicles now properly damage the Condor and Hind across various distances
  • Lock on missiles will no longer hit the helicopter pilot but instead deal damage to vehicle as intended
  • RAH-68 Huron – Addressed a bug where rain could be seen inside the cockpit of the RAH-68 Huron
  • Smart rockets now follow the same scatter angles as heavy rockets. They shoot more inwards and are more accurate
  • Stealth Helicopter Bombs will now play the bomb trail visual effects as intended for players other than the pilot dropping them.
  • The 1st person view in the Polaris RZR now displays dynamic values.
  • The audibility of the stealth helicopter bombs for low altitude bombings has been improved
  • The name of the M1A5 and T28 HEAT Shell to HE Shell to better match its functionality as anti-infantry
  • The Polaris RZR is now affected by systemic damage on its wheels.
  • The SFX from Passenger pings would sometimes play twice, so we’ve removed the repeat button
  • Wildcat – Addressed a bug which caused the crosshair for 40 and 57mm Cannons to not work properly on the Wildcat
  • Wildcat – The projectiles from the Wildcat’s 40mm cannon are now aligned with the center of the crosshair when shooting from a 1P perspective.
  • The enemy vehicle type is now shown on the Kill Card when a vehicle blows up due to vehicle collision
  • Fixed a bug where some Specialists still have their backpack gadget on while in the Polaris RZR
  • Fixed a bug where players could lock onto friendly helicopters after locking onto an enemy helicopters

EBAA Wildcat, MAV, M1A5, T28

We have increased the health for the Track / Wheel Damage Zone on Heavy Armor vehicles to ensure players have to be accurate at disabling specific vehicle parts. It now takes 2 shots to disable.

  • Tank Track / Wheels – Health Increased from 200 -> 300

EBAA Wildcat, M1A5, T28

The Turret Damage Zone also had its health increased to reward accuracy versus vehicles. It now also takes 2 shots to be taken down. To compensate, the health regenerates slower.

  • Tank / Wildcat Turret – Health increased from 250 -> 350
  • Health Regeneration Duration increased from 10 -> 14


  • The Target 8T Iron Sight is no longer blocked when using the Skeletonized skin.
  • Added suppressor sounds to the GVT 45-70
  • DM7 – The DM7 magazine would sometimes disappear for a second after reloading when viewed from a 3rd person perspective. The mags have been given a confidence boost and no longer hide
  • Added a missing animation for the DXR-1 casing ejection
  • The AM40’s standard issue / Drum Mag now displays the correct ammo count.
  • Toggling an underbarrel will no longer appear in the HUD of nearby players
  • Addressed a bug where bipods appeared closed from another players perspective
  • Removed muzzle flash that was incorrectly visible across a number of weapons when using a suppressor
  • The M16A3 was missing pros and cons for some of its underbarrels. These have been located
  • Resolved an issue with missing SFX while reloading
  • The barrel is no longer visible while Aiming Down Sight while using the Avancys with certain scopes
  • The GAR45 silencer now properly hides you from the minimap like all light silencers.
  • Addressed a bug that was causing an invisible mesh to appear on the standard magazine of the PF51
  • Laser sight is no longer misaligned on weapons when using traversal sprint and a FOV above 55
  • In-game hints now display correctly for the Canted Sight Sig Tango 4
  • Improved spin-up weapon behavior when firing soon after entering vehicle weapon stations
  • Addressed a bug where the ADS animation would look odd from another player’s perspective
  • Addressed a bug that was causing the animated bolt to clip through the gun on an empty magazine reload

Laser Sights

Laser Sight behavior on weaponry has received multiple fixes and visual improvements

  • Addressed a bug where the laser was floating around the weapon attachment in 1p view when using a high FOV setting
  • Addressed a bug where the laser was pointing forward too much in 1p while sprinting and using a high FOV setting
  • Fixed issue where the glare from green and blue lasers was red when looking at other players
  • Green and blue lasers are now slightly more intense than the red one
  • Lasers are now accurately blocked by geometry
  • Laser dots are now visible as intended when ADS through most sights/scopes
  • Added further visual polish and fixes to lasers

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