Beasts of Bermuda update released on PC (Steam). According to the official Beasts of Bermuda patch notes, the latest update added a Megalo skin, a spooky demon acro statue to the ory burrows, updated Para’s eye textures, and a long list of bug fixes.

Since the last patch, players were facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Beasts of Bermuda patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

What is new in Beasts of Bermuda February 3 Update?

Added Megalo Skin: Variegation by Twilightwolf

+Updated Para’s eye textures

+Fixed recoloring on Megalo’s claws

+Added a spooky demon acro statue to the ory burrows

+Created a new storefront on RedBubble, which has a lot of new BoB merchandise. It can be found on the main menu.

What is fixed in Beasts of Bermuda February 3 Update?

Balance Change


+Balance: Reset all talents

+Balance: Reduced the travel requirement of the Distance Swam Trail by 20%

+Balance: Egg Thief is now more effective at reducing weight when carrying stolen eggs

+Balance: Fish are now 50% lighter to pick up

+Balance: Grabs now go on diminishing returns immunity after two grabs, down from three

+Balance: Grabs on targets who have been grabbed recently are now 200% more expensive to hold onto, up from 25%

+Balance: The Resilience talent no longer adds to your comfort while beached

+Balance: Keen Senses no longer reaches the render distance cap on other players with only 1 point invested, and now gets larger with each point

+Balance: Keen Senses can now be used while moving, but is now also only active while the scent key is held down

+Balance: Reduced the Beachgoer talent’s efficacy, significantly so at 4/3 and 5/3 talent values, combined with base speeds, are less than they were before

-Conversely, with 0, 1, or 2 points in Beachgoer, you are now faster than you were before this change

+Balance: Attacks now always hit the grabbing player while you are grabbed

+Balance: While grabbed, creatures can no longer deal injury damage

+Balance: The Out of Element talent now works while grabbed

+Balance: Stamina and Ability no longer begin regenerating while breaching after a dart has expired until you stop falling

+Balance: While grabbed and underwater, you no longer consume breath while attacking


+Balance: Increased the beached walk speed, beached sprint speed, and beached turn rate +200%

+Balance: Increased Elasmo’s passive air decay rate to 4x its previous value


+Balance: Increased Ichthy’s sprint speed to 775, up from 660

+Balance: Increased Ichthy’s walk speed to 525, up from 400

+Balance: Reduced Ichthy’s dart stamina cost to 8.5, down from 17

+Balance: Increased Ichthy’s dart speed by 10%


+Balance: Increased Krono’s swimming sprint speed to 1250, up from 1125

+Balance: Increased the beached walk speed, beached sprint speed, and beached turn rate +200%

+Balance: Increased Krono’s swim walk turn rate to 183, up from 133

+Balance: Increased Krono’s swim sprint turn rate to 125, up from 100

+Balance: Increased Krono’s passive air decay rate to 3x its previous value

+Balance: Increased Krono’s injury damage on its regular bite attack by 25%

+Balance: Krono can now move very slowly while charging its Lunge ability

+Balance: Increased Krono’s control over its direction while Lunge is propelling you forwards

+Balance: Krono’s lunge now costs 15 air, down from 45


+Balance: Increased Lurdu’s sprinting turn rate to 118, up from 115

+Balance: Increased Lurdu’s walking turn rate to 92, up from 90

+Balance: Increased Lurdu’s sprint speed to 650, up from 500

+Balance: Increased Lurdu’s walk speed to 425, up from 300

+Balance: Increased Lurdu’s turning rate on land to be closer to that of Para

+Balance: Reduced Lurdu’s dart cost down to 16.5 Ability and 10 Stamina, from 19 Ability and 24 Stamina

+Balance: Increased Lurdu’s dart speed by 10%


+Balance: Increased the Ability tick size of Mosas’s grab by 50%

-Note, with 3/3 Slippery, tick sizes will be the same as before this patch

+Balance: Struggling out of a mosa grab now costs 35 Stamina and 35 Ability with no points in Slippery, down from 50 Stamina and 50 Ability

+Balance: Struggling out of a mosa grab now gives you 28 injury and 20% health damage, down from 40 injury and 33% health damage, with zero points in Slippery

+Balance: Adjusted Slippery talent modifiers such that at 3/3 it’s about the same as it was before regarding ability, stamina, health, and injury

-4/3 and 5/3 values for Slippery are slightly less effective than previously at negating the above

+Balance: Increased the grab ability tick on grabs second grab for mosa to +100% cost, up from +25%

+Balance: Increased the beached walk speed, beached sprint speed, and beached turn rate +200%

+Balance: Increased Mosa’s passive air decay rate to 4x its previous value

+Balance: Increased Mosa’s thrash damage by 20%


+Balance: Pachy no longer continues increasing its base speed while charging after 20 seconds of charge time


+Balance: Increased Saichania’s swim sprint speed to 250, up from 225

Mechanics Changes

+Mechanics: You no longer need to hold the jump key while darting to enter flight mode when you leave the water

+Mechanics: Reduced the unstuck timer to 300 seconds, down from 600

+Mechanics: You now get the Dehydrated / Starving status condition to display on the HUD at 20% food / water, up from 10%

+Mechanics: Comfort, Talents, and other factors that improve health regeneration now become ineffective as you near zero food and water, making it no longer possible to outheal Dehydration or Starvation

+Mechanics: Eggs picked up by non party members no longer show thier egg icon

+Mechanics: Players picked up by non party members no longer show their group icon

+Mechanics: You can no longer see status condition icons above other players’ heads while under the effects of Ory’s Sand Attack

+Mechanics: You can no longer see the Intimidated status icon unless the Character screen is open

+Mechanics: Improved interaction between strafing and darting

+Mechanics: You can no longer get new scents identified if the target creature is beneath a freshwater body

Combat Game Mode

+Mechanics: You now always start with at least the number of talent points appropriate for your growth level in Combat game mode

-For example, 1.0’s spawn with 20 talents. 1.2’s spawn with 25 talents. 1.4’s spawn with 30. etc

-Increasing one’s score still increases how many talent points you can spend

+Mechanics: Combat and Free Roam game modes now set your growth to the growth cap on the server, rather than 1.0

-Note, it will take the minimum of the global GrowthLimit config variable, and the species-specific growth cap

-This means you can now have different spawn sizes for different creatures in Combat game mode

Quality of Life

+QoL: Added a new splash screen for the EAC launcher, by Soals and Jynn

+QoL: While editing skins, the character stat screen and status condition display no longer show

+QoL: Bubbles now spawn client-side while swimming or using vocals while underwater

+Added Sprint Toggle

-Sprint can be changed to toggle from the settings

-This should greatly improve gameplay with controllers

+QoL: Added health bars and bleed / injury displays over group members’ health bars

-These only show up if the player has less than 100% health, and only show up when nearby

-These can be disabled in the Gameplay Options settings


+Admin: Added new console command, ResetTalents. Allows resetting a players talents. Inherits are kept. Requires ModifyEggsAndNesting permissions

+Admin: Added new console command, KillForestFire. Removes all forest fires from the map. Requires ControlWeather permissions

Custom admin permission overrides

To use command overrides:

  1. in the config, use a similar syntax with an admins steam id of your choice:AdminAllowedCommands=(PlayerId=765654646556564110, Commands=(“SetGender”, “SetGrowthLevel”))

    AdminBlockedCommands=(PlayerId=765654646556564110, Commands=(“SetTimeOfDay”, “SetSpeedIncrease”))

  2. Make sure the player in question is supposed (or not if its an allowed command) to have access to it
  3. Test the override.3.1) to check if the override data was loaded properly, you can use the command CheckCommandRulesOverrides on any admin client to see the data that was set to the client in the console/log
Foliage Placement Admin Tool

+Added the really spooky Demon_Acro to the foliage placement tool

+Added a static waterfall to the foliage placement admin tool

+Added new eraser setting for the foliage placement admin tool. While using the eraser, if Only Selected is checked, only the currently selected foliage type (or actor type) will be erased

+The eraser for the foliage placement admin tool can now erase placed actors (water, lights, portals, etc) if “Actor Mode” is checked

+Added 26 teleporter channels to the admin foliage placement tool

-Each channel has a separate, corresponding color

-Each channel will choose a random destination portal that matches its channel on the map to port to

-If two are on the map, they will always link between one-another

-One teleporter without another matching its channel on the map will not do anything

-Note, the teleporters on Rival Shores and Ancestral Plains will link with portals placed using the tool if the channels match

-Portals can be made larger or smaller, visually, by adjusting the scale

+Added six freshwater bodies

-There are three water sizes. Small, Medium, and Large. Small sources dirty fast and drain quickly. Large ones dirty slowly and drain slowly

-Water sources can be further sized by adjusting their scale. Leaving their scales close to 1.0 and using small, medium, or large will yield water dirty / drain rates similar to currently in-game freshwater sources

-There are two variants as well. Swampy water and normal water, for all three sizes

-Freshwater bodies will count for the Trials score if they are outside in an open area automatically. Waters Visited Trials requirements will automatically consider them if they are on the map

+You can now place little fog cloud actors with the foliage placement tool

+You can now place several differently colored lights with the foliage placement tool

-The lights cannot currently be changed in brightness. They can, however, be made larger or smaller by adjusting their scale.

-Stacking lights on top of one-another will make them appear brighter

-The lights come in the following colors: White, Ice Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, OEM-White, Diamond-White, Brilliant Blue, Violet-Blue, Pink-Violet, Purple, Blue, Pink, Cyan

Custom Map Save Files

To save and use custom maps:

1-After having opened a map of you choice, add dynamic foliage as desired.

2-Use the command ExportCustomMap <“mapname”> <“description”>

3-Close the server

4-Open the server again with -MapName <yourmapname> (with underscores if space were used) or via the config value MapNameOverride=<yourmapname>

eg: cmd: exportmap “MyTestMap” “Desc desc” ||| close the server, then:

(…. server command line… ) -MapName MyTestMap

5-The map with your edited foliage should open and display as “(custom) MyTestMap” on the server list

Bug Fixes

+Fixed: Elasmo now blends its animations properly if it starts moving after double tapping and holding the use key while swimming

+Fixed: Elasmo neck aiming during its attacks now replicates properly on other clients

+Fixed: Unitialized, “Ichthy” group count icons showing up on the groups tab in the player list

+Fixed: Typing any part of the word ’empty’ into the possessentity command (such as pt) no longer crashes the client

+Fixed: Group tags getting stuck on-screen or stuck in a glitched state when players would unpossess eggs

+Fixed: Some objects from the foliage placement admin tool were blocking damage from being dealt to players within the object (SM_Meadow_Grass_04 and Nolina_Plant)

+Fixed: The tutorial menu now shows, and additionally now shows again when you join a server for the first time

-This can be disabled in the gameplay settings

+Fixed: Elasmo can no longer move while holding a double-tapped use key while beached, greatly extending its neck range

+Fixed: The Kapok tree should now work properly while using the foliage placement admin tool

+Fixed: Ichthy and Lurdu now play footstep sounds

+Fixed: You can no longer grab other players while grabbed

+Fixed: Swimming strafe now properly turns off if you release the strafe key while holding the forwards or backwards key

+Fixed: Foliage marked inedible and spawned by the foliage placement admin tool can no longer be knocked down

+Fixed: The Aqua Affinity talent no longer states it improves dart speed for aquatic creatures

+Fixed: Aquatics getting “air sat” from cucumbers, making them have infinite air

+Fixed: Water source on top of Ptera Mountain on Rival Shores that counted towards the Waters Drank Trial

Map Changes

+Increased fish count on Rival Shores

Controller Support

+Controllers can move the cursor on menus with right stick

+Many optimizations for controller stuff such as when escape menu is open the camera doesn’t move

+Right Face Button (B-button for Xbox) acts as cancel or back button on menus

+Escape Menu can be navigated with D-pad

-Face Button Bottom (A-button for Xbox) clicks the button

+Most menus can now be navigated with controllers

+Holding controller’s start button (or Xbox’s Menu button) brings the talents view. Tapping the button still brings the escape menu

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