Barotrauma Update Patch Notes – April 20, 2022


Barotrauma update is now available to download. According to the official Barotrauma patch notes, the latest Urban Expanses update added a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Barotrauma patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

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Barotrauma Patch Notes – April 20, 2022

Colony overhaul

We’ve reworked the appearance and available services of colonies, the biggest outposts, to make them look and feel like real cities.

  • Complete visual overhaul.
  • Bigger colonies with better layouts using less random generation.
  • Multiple merchants with all possible outpost services.

Crew wallets

The update replaces the current money system with a combination of personal wallets and the crew bank.

  • Spending money for everyone!
  • The host and admins can set salaries for crew, transfer money from bank to wallets, and view a log of purchases the crew has made.
  • All players can give money to each other, request more money from the bank, and loot money from corpses.

Modding refactor

We’ve rewritten much of our modding-related code, and these changes should make modified game content easier to use, create, and publish.

  • New modding tab in the game settings – all the mod settings in one place.
  • Download all mods from the server, just like custom subs.
  • Publishing and updating your own Workshop content is easier and less error-prone.
  • Much more – official modding documentation to be released through GitHub in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

The Latcher

Say hello to our newest abyss-dwelling monster – or don’t, if you don’t like things that latch onto your submarine and pull you down into the murky depths. The Latcher can be encountered earlier in the game than the other two abyss monsters.

Changes and additions:

  • Overhauled colonies: completely new modules, improved layouts, new structures and items, new events.
  • Split outposts stores into several different vendors who sell different types of items.
  • New store (and sub editor) categories: weapon, medical, diving, and fuel. Reorganized the items into categories.
  • Adjusted the amount of colonies in Cold Caverns.
  • Added personal wallets. Everyone in the crew now has their personal wallet that they can use to purchase whatever they wish in outposts. The host (or people with campaign management permissions) can distribute a portion of the mission rewards to the crew or transfer money from the shared funds to the players.
  • Reworked campaign permissions: removed BuyItems and CampaignStore permissions (no longer needed, since everyone can buy), added ManageMap and ManageHires permissions, ManageCampaign allows gives you all the other campaign-related permissions.
  • Items can be purchased from outpost vending machines using the personal wallet.
  • Reworked the power distribution logic. Should fix unstability and inconsistencies in power grids involving relays and batteries.
  • Adjustments to reactors and supercapacitors to prevent the increased supercapacitor loads from crippling the subs on default recharge rates: slightly increased Humpback reactor output and decreased the default recharge rate of the capacitors, reduced recharge rates in the 3 new subs and set the supercapacitor efficiency to match the rest of the subs.
  • Ballast flora improvements: improved damage visuals, branches die when cut from the root, the flora regenerates health at a rate relative to it’s size.
  • Made text displays and terminals craftable/attachable/detachable.
  • Made Concat component’s separator field editable mid-round.
  • Made Deadeye Carbine fire in bursts.
  • Animation adjustment: The head now rotates towards the mouse cursor while aiming or swimming.
  • Swim animation adjustment: The body now rotates towards the aim target also when the character is moving, and not only while staying still. Moving while not facing the movement direction results in reduced movement speed.
  • Set the bottom hole probability to 0 in Cold Caverns, which reduces the size and the frequency of holes in the level bottom.
  • Characters spawn at a spawnpoint appopriate for their job when using the console command “spawn [job] inside”.
  • Added “low_oxygen” output to oxygen detectors.
  • Beacon missions can spawn other types of monsters than just crawlers.
  • Made supercapacitors take some damage when they’re being charged faster than 70%.
  • Increased Orca 2’s reactor output.
  • Adjustments to mission distribution: only easy missions at the beginning of the campaign, moved some of the more difficult missions later into the campaign.
  • Made Not Component’s ContinuousOutput property editable in-game.
  • Show warnings when saving a sub in the sub editor if any of the entity counts (walls, items, lights, etc) are very high, don’t allow saving if the light counts are above the upper limits.
  • Added “power_value_out” and “load_value_out” connections to relays, batteries and supercapacitors.
  • Boosted the structure damage from the small crawler eggs from 150 to 200.
  • Adjusted structure and item damage for coilgun ammunition: piercing 50% less damage, exploding 100% more damage (from explosions), physicorium 50% more damage.
  • Don’t populate the abyss in difficulty levels 0 to 10 in single mission mode.
  • Modified Selkie emergency hatch: can only use it if the shuttle is flooded.
  • Reduce the probability for the coilgun to dismember limbs (or break armor).
  • Removed submarine download confirmation prompt. All subs that are required to play in a server will be downloaded automatically, which shouldn’t be a problem since they’re only stored temporarily.
  • Buffed ethanol’s and tobacco’s effects.
  • Renamed “details” to “manage” and “permissions” to “rank” in the client management context menu to make them a little more clear.
  • Changes to character aiming behavior.
  • Water no longer dirties up walls.
  • Disabled store category buttons for categories that contain no items.


  • An extensive rewrite of how the game handles content packages and loading content. Addresses a ton of issues, inconsistencies and usability issues regarding modding.
  • The Mods folder has been replaced by folders called “WorkshopMods” and “LocalMods”. “WorkshopMods” is used to store mods installed from the Workshop, and any mods stored in it should never need to be modified manually. “LocalMods” is used for developing mods: installing/updating mods never modifies the contents of this folder to prevent any work from being lost.
  • Submarines are no longer saved in the Submarines folder, because it made it easy to get vanilla and custom subs mixed up. The sub editor now automatically creates a new local mod for each saved submarine.
  • Remade the Workshop menu and made it a tab of the settings menu.
  • More robust handling of mod load order, overrides and variants.
  • Clients now download the mods a server is using directly from the server, fixing content mismatches when for example trying to join a server that uses outdated mods.
  • Mods now have version numbers to make it easier to determine which of the players are out of date.
  • The Workshop preview images are no longer saved into the game folder, fixing the folder gradually growing in size as you use browse mods in the Workshop menu.
  • Switching languages no longer requires restarting the game.
  • Music can be overridden by identifiers.
  • Reimplemented ServerExecutable to be usable in non-core packages. Now, players must select a server executable from a dropdown in the “Host server” menu if multiple are available.
  • Character gender and ethnicity are no longer hard-coded: modders can use any kind of arbitrary tags to categorize character sprites.- Option to set the condition of an item spawned with status effects.
  • Added new “accessiblebyowner” property to inventories. Allows making a character able to access their inventory even when “accessiblewhenalive” is false.
  • Addressed clients not gaining control of the final stage of a husk affliction when “controlhusk” is enabled.
  • When using a mod that doesn’t set the InitialCount of any job, choose the first 3 jobs as the starting crew. Otherwise the crew customization menu will be empty and starting the campaign will lead to an immediate game over.
  • Made it possible for attack StatusEffects to target the character doing the attack instead of the limb by using “Parent” as the target type.
  • Using RemoveCharacter on a limb removes the character that limb belongs to.
  • Addressed editing human character in the character editor sometimes making the inventory inaccessible.
  • Addressed character editor crashing when trying to copy a character (unstable only).
  • ItemContainers apply the OnContaining effects even when the item is broken. Doesn’t affect any vanilla items.
  • Ropes attached to limbs now automatically snap when another attack is chosen.
  • Ropes can now be set to break from the end instead of always breaking from the middle (see the new abyss monster for an example).
  • Ropes can be set to break if they are in too steep angle to the target.
  • Projectiles always stick permanently unless a stick duration is defined.
  • Characters (with deformable sprites) can be set to be drawn after (on top of) other characters. Normally characters are drawn in the order of spawning.
  • AI Triggers can now be permanent.
  • Added a generic damage threshold that currently defines how much damage the character needs to take from a single hit to hit the avoiding and releasing captured targets.
  • Added a support for multiple identifiers and types in the limb health definitions.
  • Added a support for min range for ranged attacks.
  • Addressed monsters not being able to shoot faster than every ~1.5 second if they change the attacking limb.
  • Added new after attack behaviors: Reverse and ReverseUntilCanAttack.
  • Addressed “targetcontaineditem” still not working correctly.
  • Addressed crashing when trying to remove fog of war at the very edges of the campaign map. Doesn’t affect the vanilla game because there’s enough padding at the edges of the map.
  • Made DockingPort.ApplyEffectsOnDocking editable in the sub editor.
  • Option to make missions force a ruin in the level if there isn’t one.
  • Character editor: don’t check the validity of the texture path when copying humans (because the path is not valid and will be parsed later). Allows creating custom human characters by copying the vanilla human (even though they are not fully supported).
  • Level editor no longer attempts to save the vanilla content.


  • Added Latcher, a new abyss monster.
  • Added a difficulty hierarchy for the abyss monsters. Easier monsters should spawn more frequently on an easier difficulty level, the harder should spawn more frequently on higher difficulty levels. Currently the new abyss monster is defined as the easiest, and Endworm the hardest. Charybdis is in between.
  • Revisited endworm: the armor now breaks less easily, reduced the change of cutting the worm towards the head, adjusted the bleeding speed.
  • Adjusted abyss resource spawning: less resources per level, the number of resources is relative to the difficulty, the spawned resources aren’t guaranteed to always be the 5 least common alien materials.
  • Made molochs, abyss monsters and fractal guardians immune to poisons.
  • Addressed monsters sometimes trying to follow targets after losing the track of them even when they should be falling back from them (according to the after attack behavior).
  • Addressed monsters sometimes using the after attack behavior of the current attack even when the cooldown of that attack is not active.
  • Addressed monsters sometimes being unable to target the submarine, because their attack was incorrectly considered invalid.
  • Addressed fractal guardians fleeing to a shelter immediatedly after taking some damage when they have targeted the guardian pod once and have not changed the target yet (e.g. if you shoot a guardian that is returning from the pod and if it has not yet spotted you).
  • Adjusted the probabilities for spawning the Thalamus in the wrecks.
  • Rebalanced mudraptors: slightly more health, less damage at head.
  • Crawler: adjusted the vitality multipliers of hands and tail from 50% to 75%.
  • Addressed Giant Spineling targeting doors after being attacked, which it shouldn’t do by design. Might affect other creatures too.
  • Addressed calyxanide not damaging the “naturally spawning” husks.
  • Giant Spineling doesn’t flee anymore when being shot with coilgun, chaingun, or small arms.
  • Adjusted the kill hammerhead missions.


  • Increased the price of calyxanide to make it more in line with the price of husk eggs.
  • Addressed wrecked supply cabinets being treated as normal supply cabinets. Reduces the amount of loot spawned in them.
  • Adjust the medical item spawns in wreck and abandoned med cabinets: less powerful medicines. Basic ingredients and consumables are more common, but come in low quantities.
  • Increased the amount of scrap in wrecks.
  • Increased Gene Splicer’s price from 200 to 500.
  • Increase the commonness of Esperite and Galena, which are sources of lead.


  • Addressed bots accidentally shooting with a weapon if they have it equipped when they try to use the underwater scooter.
  • Addressed bots still sometimes getting stuck when trying to get something from or put something to secure lockers.
  • Addressed bots acting weird while trying to use underwater scooters inside.
  • Addressed bots failing to heal characters in a docked sub/shuttle.
  • Adjusted bot behavior around ballast flora: priority of some objectives now drops to 0 when the target’s been claimed by ballast flora, items claimed by ballast flora aren’t valid targets for some objectives anymore.
  • Made bot healing dialog reflect if CPR was performed or not.
  • Addressed security from the player’s own crew attacking the player in multiplayer when the player attacks someone in an outpost.
  • Fix bots not ignoring items marked to be “Hidden In Game”.
  • Bots prefer not to take diving suits off in rooms marged with the “IsWetRoom” flag.
  • Docking ports are now automatically considered as “wet rooms”.
  • Addressed bots trying to target through doors and walls even though there’s no line of sight between the end node and the target.
  • Added some dialogue to bots when they get infected with the husk infection.
  • Addressed bots sometimes getting stuck to doors when they are trying to fix a hull behind it. Happened because the goto objective was completed before the bot could open the door.
  • Attempt to fix a crash in AIObjectiveExtinguishFire.
  • Addressed bots not being able to repair leaks between rooms (leaks that are not in the outer walls).
  • Waypoint fixes on abandoned outpost modules, some regular outpost modules, and Winterhalter.
  • Addressed bots occasionally getting stuck while climbing ladders connecting outpost modules.
  • Fixes to waypoint generator, mainly on stairs.
  • Addressed a null reference exception when a bot is dismissed while being told to follow the player and still in the combat state.
  • Addressed items flagged as “HiddenInGame” being considered interactable and therefore e.g. valid repair targets.
  • Addressed outpost guards not arresting the offender when it’s very far from them.
  • Addressed bots sometimes failing to navigate back to the sub (when they are on the other side of the sub than where the hatch is).


  • Fix to yet another issue that sometimes prevented unlocking additional talents after unlocking “All-seeing Eye”.
  • Addressed “Curiosity” talent not giving experience to allies.
  • Removing or changing order priority doesn’t trigger the “Commander” talent buff.
  • Addressed “Mass Production” talent allowing you to power devices by tinkering.
  • Addressed “Pyromaniac” giving 39.9% damage resistance instead of 40%.
  • Addressed ability to tinker indefinitely by interrupting the tinkering by switching to repairing the item.
  • Addressed “Trusted Captain” and “Esteemed Captain” giving medals even when no missions have been completed.
  • Addressed disconnected players preventing talents that require everyone to survive from working (e.g. “Field Medic”, “Bootcamp”).
  • Addressed “Deep Sea Slayer” always giving you a 50% buff to harpoons regardless if you’re inside or not.
  • Addressed “Deep Sea Slayer” talent not affecting explosive harpoons.


  • Addressed monsters being able to attack with practically no cooldown when they’re taking constant damage from a player.
  • Addressed crawler eggs not being displayed on the sonar.
  • Addressed aiming being slightly off when crouching and not moving.
  • Addressed item interfaces getting misaligned when there’s several linked item UIs visible at the same time.
  • Addressed inability to interact with doors/hatches through docking ports.
  • Addressed escort missions failing if the escorted characters are in a shuttle docked to the main sub.
  • Addressed pumps rounding the pumping rate value to -39 instead of -40.
  • Addressed shell shields dropping from moloch’s inventories when they spawn (because they could only be placed in hand slots which the molochs don’t have).
  • Addressed linked subs not being taken into account in the cargo capacity displayed in the sub’s info panel.
  • Addressed ID card descriptions disappearing between rounds.
  • Addressed ID card description not being added if the ID card tags are empty.
  • Addressed “error” text in the medical clinic UI when trying to heal a character who’s disconnected.
  • Addressed texts overlapping on health scanner hud when using a text scale above 100%.
  • Addressed “snap to grid” not working on structures.
  • Update items’ hulls after creating the hulls between docking ports. Fixes e.g. water detectors between docking ports still thinking they’re outside after the ports lock and the area between them drains.
  • Addressed decorative sprites rotating incorrectly on vertically mirrored items.
  • Disable collisions between subs when “locking” the docking ports between them. Fixes the ports leaving a gap between them if some structures of the sub prevent them from aligning exactly.
  • Addressed wifi components ignoring signals to the “signal_in” connection if the signal originated from another wifi component that can’t transmit to this one (i.e. if a wifi component passes a signal through a wire to another wifi component that uses a different channel).
  • Addressed dropped signal components being drawn behind devices (now they’re only drawn behind devices when attached to a wall).
  • Addressed SMGs autofilled into the subs sometimes spawning without magazines.
  • Addressed misaligned “Label Number 6” decal.
  • Attempt to fix occasional performance drops in the store interface.
  • Addressed clients seeing a blank server lobby if they join when a round is running with respawning disabled.
  • Addressed arithmetic and trigonometric components not passing the sender of the signal forwards, preventing e.g. helm skill from boosting engines if the signal goes through a component.
  • Addressed occasional crashes when transitioning between levels with showperf enabled in multiplayer campaign.
  • Addressed wearables not affecting movement speed when godmode is on.
  • Fixes periscopes not focusing on turrets if there’s certain components (e.g. arithmetic components) between them.
  • Addressed crashing when trying to use the “dumpeventtexts” command with no arguments or a disallowed path.
  • Made smoke detectors a little more sensitive (should fix small fires sometimes not being detected even if they’re in the same room).
  • Addressed reactor sometimes not catching fire again if you start overheating it again immediately after a fire.
  • Addressed recycling a non-empty SMG magazine dropping the bullet inside it on the floor.
  • Addressed EntitySpawnerComponent’s SpawnAreaOffset.Y being inverted.
  • Addressed gaps generating incorrectly on “Shell A 70 Degrees”.
  • Addressed items powered by battery cells not working correctly (certain devices like handheld sonar beacons never powering up, and items staying powered indefinitely when you put in a battery and take it out). Unstable only.
  • Addressed turret lights starting in an incorrect rotation in the sub editor.
  • Addressed “commander” talent still not correctly giving the buff (giving orders that a character already had didn’t move the buff). Unstable only.
  • Addressed nav terminals sometimes determining which docking port the docking button controls incorrectly (specifically, when the correct docking port is also connected to other ports).
  • Addressed an exploit in the depleted fuel SMG magazine recipe.
  • Addressed reactor gauges’ background sticking out from the gauges when selecting a reactor in the editor.
  • Addressed fractal guardians fleeing to the shelter immediatedly after taking some damage when they have targeted the guardian pod once and have not changed the target yet (e.g. if you shoot a guardian that is returning from the pod and if it has not yet spotted you).
  • Addressed Crawler Broodmother regenerating really fast while eating. Broodmother no longer eats her own eggs.
  • Addressed spinelings accidentally killing each other with their spikes.
  • Addressed burn being ignored in the damagemodifier of Charybdis’ head. The jaw worked correctly. Affects pulse laser damage for example.
  • Addressed lights that are drawn behind subs counting as shadow-casting in the sub editor.
  • Addressed server host creating 2 disconnect message boxes if the server crashes.
  • Addressed text scale not being taken into account on scrolling text displays.
  • Re-filled Typhon 2 oxygen tank shelves.
  • Addressed spawnpoint editing panel being too small on large resolutions.
  • Addressed inability to equip one-handed items when there’s a suitable container in the other hand (e.g. flashlight when there’s a storage container in the other hand).
  • Cargo missions don’t require the cargo to be inside a hull: being in the sub is enough. Fixes inability to complete cargo missions with unconventional subs where the cargo is stored outside hulls.
  • Addressed non-equipped items that can’t be put into a duffel bag disappearing when a character despawns.
  • Addressed incorrect animation parameters being used for swimming while wearing a regular diving suit.
  • Addressed projectiles sometimes staying attached to the target even when they are far from it.
  • Addressed multiplayer campaign saves with semicolons or pipes in their name causing “path to a save file was empty” errors in the server lobby.
  • Addressed performance drops in multiplayer when someone attacks the outpost NPCs and causes the reputation to drop.
  • Moved the showperf view to the right to prevent it from overlapping with the crew list.
  • Addressed status monitor’s electrical view and item finder not showing items in docked subs.
  • The sound of crowbaring a door open can’t be heard from other subs.
  • Addressed “a gaze into the abyss” achievement working unreliably. The achievement didn’t unlock until you returned to 50% of the crush depth, which isn’t possible in some levels (e.g. if the level starts at 3500 m and crush depth at 5000 m). Now it’s unlocked if you get to 500 m above the crush depth or to the end of the level.
  • Addressed certain achievements (last man standing, lone sailor, finishing a round with a specific job) not unlocking if you’re in a docked sub instead of the main sub at the end of the round.
  • Readjusted all sitting animations so that they characters shouldn’t twitch anymore while sitting.
  • Doubled the rate limit for medical clinic which should reduce “No response from server” errors.
  • Addressed swimming characters sometimes being unable to stand up on stairs/platforms even if the water is shallow enough.
  • Addressed guitar and harmonica being rendered on top of the water effect.
  • Addressed guitar, harmonica, accordion and captains pipe having neutral buoyancy.
  • Addressed mid-round joining clients not seeing subs purchased during that round.
  • Addressed research station being repairable by clicking on it instead of pressing E.
  • Addressed medical curtains disappearing before they’re off-screen.
  • Addressed karma preset being forced to default when starting a new server.
  • Addressed Herja’s rear motion detector being connected to an incorrect display, and the bottom turret display having an incorrect text.
  • Addressed crash caused by selection not being cleared when autocompleting or running a console command.
  • Addressed occasional performance dips when spineling spikes get stuck to the sub’s exterior walls.
  • Addressed item assemblies getting misaligned with the grid after saving.
  • Addressed “Shell A 18” not aligning with the other shell pieces.
  • Addressed welding tool’s, plasma cutter’s and watering can’s particle effects getting “clamped” to the edges of the hull they’re inside.
  • Addressed permission icon in the client list not updating mid-round.
  • Addressed “lock default wires” server setting not affecting docked subs.
  • Addressed Dugong’s small pumps working without power.
  • Addressed buttons in structure editing menu using a different style than other types of entities in the sub editor.

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