Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) Update 2.1 Patch Notes


Baldur’s Gate 3 update 2.1 is available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official BG3 patch notes, the latest hotfix adds minor tweaks and changes. It improves co-op and splitscreen multiplayer. Apart from this, Baldur’s Gate 3 patch 2.1 also re-enabled Larian Cloud savegames.

Previously, a big BG3 update 1 added the bard class, playable gnomes, Swarm AI, and countless other improvements and fixes. Unfortunately, since the last update, players are facing various issues with the game.

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BG3 Patch Notes for Hotfix 2.1 – August 10, 2023

  • Fixed an issue with save games that could occur if a save file grew too large.
  • Re-enabled Larian Cloud savegames

Download free Baldurs Gate 3 update 2.1 on PC (Steam).

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