Marvel’s Avengers update 1.53 (1.000.028) is now available to download on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official Avengers 1.53 patch notes, the latest added Spider-man to the game. Apart from this, Avengers version 1.53 (2.2) also includes a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Previously, a big update introduced Black Panther to the game.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing problems with the game. Today’s Marvel Avengers version 1.53 will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.

Avengers 1.53 Patch Notes (1.000.028) – November 30, 2021


  • Klaw Raid Discordant Sound – Teamwork, communication, tactics—you’ll want to assemble your best four-player squad for this one. Following the events of the War for Wakanda Expansion, the sonic monster Klaw has returned to the Vibranium Mound with a seething determination to destroy Wakanda. This is where you finish him off for good and claim the highest-end gear—but he’s so not going down without a fight. For more information on the Raid, including gear and rewards.

Power-Level Increase – The maximum Power Level achievable has increased from 150 to 175. Want the best gear? Then you’ll have to complete the game’s toughest challenge. The new four-player Klaw Raid: Discordant Sound is waiting for you.

  • Gear Upgrade Rework – Players can infuse gear with other pieces to increase its Power Level. This way, the gear you like can now be carried along your journey! For more information on how this works.. Only gear that is above Power Level 100 and of Epic rarity or higher can be upgraded. Using higher Power Level gear to infuse will offer greater potential stats than lower Power Level.
  • Resources Rework – The only resources needed to upgrade gear and Minor Artifacts are Fragments and Upgrade Modules. Major Artifacts now require a mix of Fragments and Polychoron. Also, the Resources cap has been raised! For more information.
  • Gear Perks Rework – Gear Perks have gone through some changes to allow each Hero to be more themed in what they can achieve in combat. We have also added Status effects to gear for Heroes who are currently missing them. All of them. Every single one. For more information. Specific Perk reworks are also in the Gear section below.
  • Per-Hero Weekly Objectives – Every Hero can now get an Exotic from the weekly mission chain in Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion and Raid: Discordant Sound instead of just once per account.

Omega-Gear Rewards – Every completion of Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion and Raid: Discordant Sound grants a piece of Exotic gear. The weekly mission chain grants Exotic gear that can upgrade your Power Level while additional completions grant Exotics at the Hero’s same Power Level.

  • Shipments – We’ve heard your requests for a path to earn coveted Cosmetics, resources, and other items via gameplay, as well as a place to use your plentiful Units. Enter the Shipments feature! Each Shipment costs 500 Units (the currency earned while playing the game) and pulls from a collection of possible items, but you can see what is in the current Shipment before you buy it with Units. There is a small chance of the Shipment containing a premium Outfit unavailable via any other means of acquisition. But luck isn’t required to get the Outfit—you’ll automatically receive it after claiming 100 Shipments.
  • Cosmetic Vendor – Chastity McBride’s wares have been restocked and now include a Specialty Items section that allow for more player choice.

Spider-Man for PS4 and PS5 – The iconic web slinger Spider-Man comes exclusively to PlayStation players along with the Spider-Man: With Great Power Hero Event! You’ll experience Spider-Man’s story through unlockable challenges woven throughout the Avengers Initiative. Complete with his own Skills, Heroics, traversal, and plenty of cosmetics, Spider-Man plays like no other Hero.

  • Removed an invisible collision barrier in the beginning of Armor Chase.
  • In the Cosmic Cube room in Beating the Odds, Companions no longer continuously jump off the cliff when trying to access the center platform.
  • In the Cosmic Cube room in Beating the Odds, if players Reload Checkpoint, enemies no longer attack them before they even spawn in.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when returning to the Ant Hill after the Breakout mission.
  • Players no longer run into an infinite load screen in Thor’s section on the Golden Gate Bridge when switching between Xbox and Windows 10 versions.
  • An infinite black screen no longer appears after completing Mayhem Over Manhattan.
  • Ms. Marvel can properly reach buttons in The Inhuman Condition around the structure right before the 3rd objective.
  • Fixed various crashes on the Xbox and Windows 10 versions.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when three players were invited to a Strike Team and accepted it.
  • When a player stands near the War Table in Birnin Zana and another in the same Strike Team goes into Zawavari’s room, the War Table room no longer blacks out.

When players go to the Social tab and have other players in their Strike Team choosing the same Hero, the other players’ Heroes now correctly show their chosen outfit.

  • In the Xbox and Windows PC versions, a team of 3 Strike Team members can now properly matchmake so that a 4th player can join them.
  • Black Panther’s Royal Legacy Outfits no longer clip when he bends down.
  • Black Panther’s Unconquered Outfits no longer clips around the waist during combat.
  • Performing a Takedown on a Hunter Crawler with Iron Man’s Hulkbuster now animates correctly.
  • When Thor has the Cosmic Glow Outfit equipped, Mjolnir now properly glows in the Main Menu and Quinjet.
  • Thor’s cape in his Federation Outfit no longer clips through his body.
  • Fixed an issue where lasers weren’t appearing in some of Iron Man’s laser attacks.
  • Large protruding textures no longer appear in Iron Man’s back when he performs the Not Just a Flyboy Takedown in his Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 2 Outfit.
  • Black Panther’s face no longer protrudes from his mask in his Exiles and Heavy the Crown Outfits in certain cutscenes.

With Thor’s Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame Outfit equipped, Mjolnir no longer disappears when using hammer spin or his ranged power attack.


  • Fixed a crash in the Windows Store version when dynamic resolution scaling was enabled and DLSS is set to dynamic on a 4k Windows 11 PC.
  • There is now a Back button in the Bundles section of the Marketplace.
  • Black Panther’s Supernatural Avengers Nameplate 002 now has the correct preview when viewed in the Marketplace.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when attempting to purchase Iron Man’s Fully Loaded Bundle in the Marketplace.
  • When in High-Contrast Mode, the Skip button’s background now expands throughout the entire “SKIP” word.
  • The Daggers’ Magnifier Perk now states it increases status build up rather than status damage.
  • When in a Mega HIve, Hero stats are displayed correctly in the tooltip when hovering over them in the roster menu.
  • Cosmetics properly transfer and are unlocked when switching between Xbox and Wiindows PC versions.
  • The Takedown prompt is now visible when Black Panther performs one on a Dreadbot.

Codex entries for Manhattan Evacuation Zone, Venture Ridge, and Medusa Laboratory are properly unlocked. This fix is retroactive: players that already should have unlocked these entries now have them, and do not need to go back and re-unlock them.

  • The right pip of Thor’s Overcharge meter now appears as blue to match his color scheme instead of purple.
  • The Kimoyo Band’s Auxiliary Bead Perk now states that it increases status buildup instead of status damage to improve clarity of the Perk.
  • Certain Perk percentages like Heroic Charge Rate, Willpower Regen Rate, Critical Damage now display their proper values for clarity.
  • Various subtitle and localization fixes.


  • Iron Man’s Javelin now correctly applies status when a Ranged Perk that affects rockets is equipped.
  • In The Sound and the Fury, the camera no longer auto-locks onto Klaw when a player has it off.
  • The attack indicator for the Hunter Crawler’s grapple hook attack now matches the animation.
  • When Black Widow uses Power Surge, she is no longer pushed back when she attacks a Klaw Merc with a Sonic aura.
  • Hawkeye’s Nightstorm Arrow now does damage through a Klaw Merc’s Sonic aura.
  • When Ms. Marvel uses Embiggen, she is no longer pushed back when she attacks a Klaw Merc with a Sonic aura.
  • Black Panther’s Meteoric Impact now does damage through a Klaw Merc’s Sonic aura.
  • Black Panther’s Immovable Object Skill’s pulse damage now deals the correct 30% damage.


Tachyon Surge Perk – We heard your feedback regarding the change to this perk and wanted to share more information regarding it. The term “Status Damage” is intended to reference the amount of status build up that an attack would inflict when dealing damage to a target, not the actual amount of damage dealt. Shortly after the Tachyon Surge perk was released, we identified an issue where it was applying a 20-second buff that gave both a 50% bonus to status build up and 50% increased damage. This made it overpowered when compared to things like heroic buffs, skills, and other gear perks so we took steps to fix that error. To help alleviate some of this frustration, we are bringing back the damage buff, but reducing the overall buff duration to 10 seconds.

    • Stormranger’s Regalia and Stormranger’s Adornments
      • Replaced the Jarvis Barrier perk with Embiggen Impulse increasing stun damage while Embiggen’d.
    • Marvelous Regalia
      • Replaced the generic regen perk with Valorous Spirit, increasing Allies crit damage when affected by Team Spirit.
    • Stormranger’s Coat of ArmsStormranger’s CrestMarvelous Armaments, and Marvelous Body Armor
      • Replaced the generic regen perk with Support Empowerment, giving a moderate chance to gain an intrinsic burst when activating Team Spirit.
    • Stormranger’s Body Armor
      • Replaces both generic regen perks with Embiggen Blessing (increases crit chance while Embiggen’d) and Polymorph Reserve (increases Ms. Marvel’s max intrinsic energy).
    • Marvelous Nega Bands and Marvelous Clasps
      • Replaced Jarvis Barrier perk with Polymorphic Superiority, increasing damage from Morning Star and Palm Strike attacks.
        Ms. Marvel Perk Changes:
    • Helm of the Super Soldier and Safeguard of the Super Soldier
      • Replaced the generic regen perk for Brooklyn Brawler Quake, increasing stun damage while Brooklyn Brawler is active.
      • Replaced Rally Cry Extender with Brooklyn Brawler Breaker, increasing its damage.
    • Rampart of the Nomad
      • Replaced generic regen perk with Eagle’s Cry, increasing Rally Cry duration.
      • Legendary Stabilizer of the Super Soldier and Conduit of the Super Soldier
    • Stabilizer: replaced Captain’s Combo with Powered Precision, which increases Powered ranged crit chance.
    • Conduit: replaced Captain’s Combo with Powered Precision, which increases Powered ranged crit chance. Also replaced Defender’s Charge with Rally Cry Boon, which increases crit chance of all heroes affected by Rally Cry.
      • The Exotic version of Stabilizer of the Super Soldier did not undergo these changes, and retains Captain’s Combo.
        Captain America Perk Changes:
    • Superior Mark XV Bastion
      • Replaced Jarvis Barrier perk with Skyguard Reprieve, which grants intrinsic energy on picking up health packs.
      • Replaced Overcharge Recovery with Restoration Beam, which makes enemies defeated with your standard Unibeam drop health packs.
    • Centurion’s Mark XV Doom Fists and Centurion’s Mark XIII Muon Gloves
      • Replaced weapon rate of fire increase perk with Skyguard Dynamo, granting bonus Intrinsic energy when picking up heroic orbs.
    • Centurion’s Mark XV R.T. Node and Centurion’s Mark XIII Muon Ray
      • Replaced missile rate of fire increase perk with Overcharge Breaker, increasing further all damage while overcharged.
        Iron Man Perk Changes:
    • Armor of Asgard’s Scion
      • Replaced Jarvis Barrier perk with Odinforce Recovery, increasing health regen drastically while Odinforce is active.
      • Replaced Extended Evade with Warrior’s Fury Impulse, increasing all stun damage while Warrior’s Fury is active.
    • Cincture of Asgard’s Scion
      • Replaced Jarvis Barrier perk with Aesir’s Blitz, increasing Unarmed damage by 30%.
    • Girdle of the Thunderer
      • Replaced Odinforce regen perk that was not activating on all attacks with Odin’s Flight, which increases Odinforce regeneration while flying.
    • Hilt of Asgard’s Scion
      • Replaced Odin’s Flight with Eitri’s Breaker, which increases Hammer damage when used in Melee.
        Thor Perk Changes:
    • Natalia’s Cloak and Natalia’s Embrace
      • Replaced Jarvis Barrier perk with Stealth Amplifier, increasing status buildup while invisible.
    • Red Room Uniform and Red Room Corset
      • Replaced Extended Evade for Stealth Recovery, drastically increasing health regen while invisible.
      • Replaced Dazed Immunity for Leeching Strike, which heals a very small portion of max health on attack.
    • Natasha’s Coil and Natasha’s Ribbon
      • Natasha’s Ribbon: Replaced generic Heroic regen perk for Leeching Strike.
      • Natasha’s Coil: replaced both generic Heroic regen perks for Leeching Strike and Arsenal Blessing, increasing weapon critical chance.
    • Red Room Grasps
      • Replaced Jarvis Barrier perk with Infiltrator’s Vengeance, which gives a chance on defeating any enemy to drop an Intrinsic orb.
        Black Widow Perk Changes:
  • Kate’s Shroud Effector perk description now properly displays the missing percent symbol—the perk gives 30% reduced damage, where before it incorrectly said it gave 30 reduced damage.

Hawkeye’s Iconic Outfit is now obtained by completing his Iconic/Heroic Mission Chain rather than through the Future Imperfect Operation. If you already have the Outfit, it will remain in your collection unaffected.

  • The Counter Extension perk works correctly and extends the duration of the debuff that is applied to enemies after a successful parry.
  • Ms. Marvel’s Polymorphic Disruptor, Reprieve, and Dynamo Perks now correctly drop Intrinsic orbs, health packs, and Heroic orbs respectively.
  • Iron Man’s Skyguard Reprieve and Skyguard Dynamo Perks now correctly grant Intrinsic Energy when collecting health packs and Heroic orbs, respectively.
  • When playing Black Panther, a Strike Team member who is also playing Black Panther can no longer complete Challenge Card missions for you.
  • Thor’s Asgard’s Privilege Perk now properly grants Willpower when Overcharged.
  • Ms. Marvel’s Polymorphic Spark now properly grants Heroic charge rate while Polymorph is active.
  • Fixed an issue that was unintentionally reducing Hulkbuster damage.
  • Fixed issues with several perks wherein the displayed value of the damage bonus or rate of fire bonus was not being applied correctly.

Perks that were affected by this issue and are now fixed are Bunker Buster Missiles, Hyper Flux Lasers, Skyguard Dominion, Polymorphic Superiority, Armory Rush, Archer’s Rush, and Accelerated Muon Repulsors.

  • Fixed the issue preventing Hawkeye’s Hivemind Sword with Plasma Split Shot Arrows from working.
  • Removed the Sonic Status effect from being applied via some of Captain Americas Heroic and Intrinsic attacks. Sorry Cap mains.
  • Challenge Card progress now correctly carries over between Xbox and Windows PC versions.

The amount of Fragments players get when dismantling gear has been greatly increased. To account for this, Bronze Chests rewards have now been standardized: they will always only award 1 gear item or ISO-8 up to Epic Rarity. As an additional balancing measure, these Chests will now award 10 Units instead of the previous 1 to 3 Units.

  • Bronze Strongboxes will no longer give out Fragments, as is the standard with all tiers of Strongboxes. Only Stockpile Chests will award Fragments.

Known Issues

  • The Lethal Conduit perk (found on Discordant Gear) grants the Sonic Conduit buff to all nearby allies upon defeating an enemy with an active Vibranium Status effect. This perk is not working consistently right now, and we are investigating.
  • Black Widow has dyed her hair brown for the Winter when wearing her Monatomic Outfit. Rest assured, she will be back to her neon red color soon.
  • Gear dismantled in player’s Gear Locker still refund resources that are no longer used. This is a visual bug. The proper amount of Fragments and modules are still being dropped. We are working on a fix for this.

There is another visual bug where gear in a player’s Gear Locker will show the old upgrade system. Any gear put into the Locker will show the old system and removing gear from the Locker will show the correct new upgrade system. We are investigating this.

  • Any previously upgraded gear has a chance to drop old resources when dismantled. This is a visual bug, as you get proper Fragments, but old resources may show up in the resource feed. We are investigating a fix for this.
  • In the Control Tower Traversal section of the Raid, a black sphere appears after Iron Man shoots a Klaw Company Bruiser with his Repulsors with the Muon Reverberator gear perk equipped. The Iron Man player is unable to see the black sphere appear. The black sphere eventually disappears after some time.
  • The Marketplace preview image for the Spider-Man Emote “Aww Shucks” is incorrect, and currently shows the “Apple Toss” Emote instead. You will get the proper “Aww Shucks” Emote if you purchase.
  • In the final phase of the battle against Klaw in Discordant Sound, whenever Klaw slams his cannon onto the main platform, several giant flying rocks appear, obstructing vision. This happens when Graphics Mode is set to Highest Quality. We advise using a different Graphics Mode for the time being.

When dismissing the Gear Upgrade tutorial, if the Shipments Refreshed message is present before entering the Character Menu, the game becomes completely unresponsive to input. Restarting the game will fix this. This issue can be avoided by opening the Character Menu when the Shipments Refreshed menu appears.

  • In the Japan region, the Rise and Shine mission erroneously references a Shipment Voucher reward. Shipments and Shipment Vouchers are not available in Japan at this time.
  • Gear that is older than v.2.0.2 is currently unable to be transferred from the Inventory Locker to Character Menu/Inventory.

Download free Marvel Avengers update 1.53 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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