Astroneer Update 1.40 Patch Notes (Official) – March 24, 2022


Astroneer PS4 update 1.40 released for players. According to the official Astroneer 1.40 patch notes, the latest brings new controls and accessibility features to the game. Apart from this, Astroneer version 1.40 also includes various bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Previously, a big major update added new switches, new platforms, updated modules, and more. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues.

Today’s Astroneer version 1.40 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Astroneer 1.40 Update Patch Notes

Controls & Accessibility

This is a long time coming but we did a bunch of work to add (honestly..) basic functionality for controls across all platforms. You can now use mouse and keyboard on console and can remap a TON of inputs to completely customize your experience. We did this mainly for accessibility purposes, if you are a player who needs to move buttons around to make sure you can enjoy Astroneer, this one is for you <3. Of particular note, you can now make some “hold” actions a toggle to help make sure you can play with less need to hold multiple buttons down for long periods of time.

  • The menu has been updated to include separate tabs for Keyboard / Mouse and Controller settings on a per-platform basis (moved from the general Options menu where they previously lived)
  • Players can now remap controller inputs in the Controller Settings tab of the menu
  • Mouse and Keyboard support has been added for players on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch
  • Support for remapping of extra mouse buttons has been added
  • Players on controller can now set Virtual Cursor to a toggle
  • Players on Mouse and Keyboard can now set Camera Orbit functionality to a toggle

Additionally, adding Mouse and Keyboard support to console means people can use a variety of peripherals if they need. We tested a lot of hardware (thanks so much Q/A team <3) to ensure that you can remap lots of actions to any mouse button or any keyboard input. The team also tested these changes with the Xbox Adaptive controller which should work great on Xbox and PC. (Note: we didn’t test everything, so let us know if you are having trouble with a specific mouse or k/b!)

Miscellaneous Improvements

Audio Improvements
  • T1 Oxygenator, when slotted into the player’s backpack while on, will fade out its audio loop while remaining operational.
Camera Improvements
  • The camera handles tight spaces more smoothly, with reduced instances of rapidly zooming in and out.
  • The camera now responds intelligently to movement up or down slopes when following the player.
  • The camera no longer loses sight of the player when moving at very high speeds.
  • General tuning adjustments.
Drill Improvements
  • The drill aiming UI now accurately represents the angle of the drill relative to the rover. This means the tilt indicator on the drill UI no longer drifts as the drill moves to align with it.
  • Rovers now maintain a steady speed while drilling, instead of increasingly gaining speed downhill, and outpacing the drill in the process.
  • Drilling is now clamped between a maximum upwards and downwards tilt, in order to prevent the rover from flipping over, or losing traction.
  • Drills are automatically disabled if the rover starts to point vertically up or down.
Landing Zone Improvements
  • The player experience when orbiting a planet and selecting landing zones has received an update to improve communication and comprehension
  • Landing zones have animated visuals added along with beacons to aid in more easily locating and selecting them
  • Landing zones now also have tooltips that appear on hover / cursor select
  • Landing zones generated from player-created Landing Pads (including the starting pad) now have a unique cylindrical shape, icon, and label
  • For gamepads, a prompt appears to notify players that they must use the virtual cursor to select a landing zone
Resource Bytes Update
  • Composite resources now have Byte values assigned and can be researched in the Research Chamber
  • All researchable resources have had their research times changed to 5 minutes total with Byte values adjusted accordingly

Trophy/Achievement names and descriptions have been updated with new translations in Japanese

Store – New Items Available Now!

New Limited Time Bundle – EXO TECH BUNDLE
  • Control Unit Hat
  • Grid Lock Palette
  • Error Code Visor
New Suit
New Hat
New Emote
New Visor

EXO Salvage Initiative

The EXO Salvage Initiative returns for a limited time! EXO accepts a variety of salvage types which can either be collected from exploration or crafted and destroyed or shredded. Astroneers are encouraged to employ the approach that is the most fun for them and ship their collected exports off using the EXO Request Platform!

Salvage items are worth different point amounts when shipped:
  • 25 Points – Debris Bundle (5 Points per partial)
  • 50 Points – Scrap Nugget
  • 100 Points – Debris Package (Small / T1)
  • 300 Points – Debris Package (Medium / T2)
EXO Dynamics rewards submissions received with:
  • 1500 Points – Salvage Throwback Bundle
    Contains cosmetics rewarded from previous year:
  • Palette: “Going Green”
  • Hat: “Wired”
  • 4200 Points – Hat: ”CO-N3”
  • 8000 Points – Emote: ”Stop Sign”
  • 14000 Points – Palette: ”Safety Orange”

EXO supplies useful items and resources along the way to boost your recovery or production efforts. Randomized recurring rewards are available after completing the main event including:

  • Clay & Graphite
  • Copper, Iron, Titanium, Tungsten
  • Hydrazine & Jet Packs
  • EXO Chips
  • Nanocarbon Alloy
  • QT-RTGs


The following is still a known issue as of version
  • [AS-17329] Players may experience performance issues in multiplayer when the Glacio and Atrox Snail missions are active. As a workaround, players can complete the missions to acquire Bestefar and Enoki in single player, after which multiplayer performance should return to normal.
The following bugs have been fixed as of version


  • [AS-17298] Cosmetics should now be properly unlocking for Switch players when the requirements are met. Note: Progress was not being saved properly. It is now, but unfortunately this fix will not be retroactive, so players will need to complete the required steps again to unlock their cosmetics.
  • [AS-7908] The Sylva gateway engine should now keep its free oxygen even after placing the Geometric Triptych
  • [AS-16918] Fixed an issue with auto arms where they could get into a bad state if the slot they’re trying place an object into becomes occupied
  • [AS-16975] Players should be much less likely to encounter a natural landing zone without terrain below it
  • [AS-17387] Fixed a setting on Switch that may have caused players to hit a save size limit earlier than they should have
  • [AS-6223] Unsolved EXO Dynamics Research Aid boxes now have camera collision


  • [AS-6361] Finally fixed the bug where the power indicators on the Medium Battery would be misaligned after traveling to another planet
  • [AS-7685] Fixed a bug where the start of a tether line did not properly visually connect to platforms
  • [AS-16673] The toxic cloud that comes from spewflowers should now gradually dissipate when the player goes out of range rather than disappearing abruptly
  • [AS-8424] Fixed a visual issue where the backpack was floating a bit too far behind the body when wearing the Bio, Retro, Control, Frame, and Wanderer suits


  • [AS-8851] Fixed a bug on controllers where holding the menu button would quickly open and close the menu
  • [AS-9092] Players should no longer be able to bind controls to the Windows key
  • [AS-17274] Players on Switch can now use the Left Stick to navigate the CONNECTION LOST popup
  • [AS-17204] Rebinding controls to Right Alt should now show the appropriate key in the menu
  • [AS-17205] Rebinding controls to Left Ctrl should now show the appropriate key in the menu


  • [AS-17044] Fixed a bug where the mission log on the starting landing pad would not have a beacon for available rewards for the first mission “Planetfall”.
  • [AS-17206] Added collision to the Trade Platform catalog hologram so it should now detect mouseover
  • [AS-17418] Updated Astropedia pages to use the correct font in Japanese
  • [AS-17388] Fixed some bugs with “Unlocked By” text in the customization menu incorrectly referring to achievements when unlockable through other means
  • [AS-4968] Updated Astroneer desktop icon on Steam to replace an older version. Players may need to delete their current shortcut/icon and create a new version to see this change.
  • [AS-7359] Fix a bug in several languages where text would extend outside the bounds of the Controller Disconnected popup box
  • [AS-7773] Fixed a bug on PS4 when renaming a save, the placeholder text should now get cleared out once players start entering new text
  • [AS-8185] Fixed an issue on PS4 where the instruction text would spill out of the box in multiple languages when joining a game through the Play Together UI
  • [AS-14672] The “Stuffed Storage” mission now properly refers to the required item as “Medium Resource Canister”
  • [AS-17146] Added Unlocked By text to the customization menu on Switch for the BNTY-HNTR visor and Power Suited palette
  • [AS-8593] -0 is no longer an option on the Brightness or FOV Bias sliders
  • [AS-17141] Fixed a bug in Astropedia under Resources where the planets listed for Nitrogen extended outside of the box in Japanese
  • [AS-17203] Updated the pips under Astropedia pages to use a shade of blue consistent with the rest of the game


  • [AS-17197] Fixed an issue where clients could not interact with a packaged item placed in the oxygenator slot on the Xenobiology Lab
  • [AS-14454] Players can no longer hot-swap items from another player’s backpack or terrain tool when full


  • [AS-17022] Spewflower audio should now stop playing when the hazard is dug up
  • [AS-17290] Fixed a bug where audio was not properly playing for the Dance: Shakefield emote

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