Astroneer Update 1.39 Patch Notes (Official) – February 4, 2022


Astroneer PS4 update 1.39 ( is now available for download. According to the official Astroneer 1.39 patch notes, the latest hotfix brings gameplay changes, fixes, and balancing. Apart from this, Astroneer version 1.39 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a big major update added new switches, new platforms, updated modules, and more. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues.

Today’s Astroneer version 1.39 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

What is new in Astroneer 1.39 February 4 Update?

Achievement/Trophy Rewards
  • [AS-17194] Fixed a bug with some achievement rewards that were unlocked while offline getting relocked the next time players connected online. This will not retroactively unlock items whose achievements were already completed, so players will either need to complete the required actions again, or contact player support for help.
  • [AS-17152] Fixed a bug where players using a controller could not close the Qbit store menu (this did not affect Switch players)
  • [AS-16311] Fixed a bug where Enoki’s (Atrox Snail) buff would get removed when the player sits in any seat
  • [AS-17157] Fixed the issue where a resource nugget could get stuck in the Xenobiology Lab
  • [AS-17199] Slotting a seed on top of Enoki’s terrarium no longer causes the buff to stack, giving players super speed and jump height
  • Fixed various crashes: [AS-17173], [AS-17174], [AS-17177], [AS-17178]
Dedicated Servers
  • [AS-17198] Fixed an issue where compass navpoints were not properly showing up on servers. This could still happen occasionally, but should be less frequent, and can be worked around by restarting the server.
  • [AS-17155] Reverb has been restored to cavern layers on all platforms, except for Switch, where this is intentionally disabled for performance reasons.
  • [AS-17147] Fixed a bug in the Astropedia on the Sylva page where the Japanese translation for power would extend past the bounds of the box
  • [AS-17041] Fixed an inconsistency in Dutch, where two different words were being used as the translation for Compound
  • [AS-11905] Fixed an incorrect translation for the gas canisters in Spanish
  • [AS-17142] New Japanese translation for “Steel”
  • [AS-17143] Updated Japanese translation for general Platform description
  • [AS-16909] Fixed an inconsistency in the French translation for “packager”
  • [AS-17099] Fixed an issue in Japanese where the Medium Shredder had the incorrect value for power usage
  • [AS-17115] Fixed a bug where “Visit the Unidentified Satellite” was missing all non-English translations in the mission log
  • [AS-17117] Fixed a bug where there was an incorrect translation in Dutch on the Glacio planet tooltip in the solar system view. This translation error was giving players bad info about power sources on Glacio.

The following is still a known issue as of version

  • [AS-17175] For Steam players: There were a number of crashes related to players who had a mod loader installed. Astroneer doesn’t support mods, so if you are having persistent crash issues, make sure you disable any installed mods. This shouldn’t impact players without mods so if you are crashing don’t hesitate to reach out to us at!
  • [AS-17197] Clients cannot interact with oxygenator on the Xenobiology lab when it’s packaged. This can be worked around by 1. Hosts interacting with the packaged item (if not on a server) 2. Using an auto-arm to remove the packaged item or 3. Using a proximity repeater to open the packaged item

Download free Astroneer update 1.39 on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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