ANVIL December update (Dec 20, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Anvil patch notes, the latest update added improvements to sudden deaths, hit effect, and balancing. Apart from this, today’s Anvil game patch also includes various stability fixes.

Previously, a major balancing update was released with various tweaks and quality of life improvements.

Read more details below.

Anvil Patch Notes (December 20, 2021)

Improvements to sudden deaths
  • Changes to laser attack pattern application
  • The amount of damage received on the initial hit has decreased, but will now additionally apply damage over time
  • 0.1 second Invulnerability after knockback has been added
  • Invulnerability period added to ensure no sudden death occurs while standing back up after knockback

Attack increase depending on the number of players in game has been reduced. (Check galaxy balance changes)

  • Fixed slight delay that occurred before death due to death effects taking place
Improvements to hit effect / feedback
  • Breaker HP gauge can now be seen more clearly
  • Sound effect added when Breakers are hit
  • Camera shake added for auto-attacks
  • Sound effect added when enemies are hit
  • Damage HUD effect added when enemies are hit
  • Push back effect added when enemies are hit


Jungler Enhancements

Overall increase to skill power. Now easier to synergize skills to increase damage, allowing for more interesting gameplay.

  • [Explosive Mine], [Crossfire] basic damage increase by 20%
  • Skill Upgrade>[Explosive Mine] : 300% -> 500% increase to damage
  • Skill Upgrade>[Explosive Mine] : Burn effect increased by 2 times in duration and damage -> additional effect of damage to burned targets increased by 100% for 10 seconds on use
  • Skill Upgrade>[Explosive Mine] : Create decoy -> additional effect: now increase all skill power by 50% for 10 seconds
  • Skill Upgrade>[Crossfire] : Skill power increased by 50->200%
  • Skill Upgrade>[Crossfire] : Increase damage to burned targets by 100% -> increase all skill power by 100%
Sandman Enhancements

The basic [Slow Dash] now has additional effect of petrification. Sandman can now have more stability in fighting enemies and can easily access petrification synergy. Additionally, skill upgrades allow easier weapon power increase, allowing for easier weapon power build-up.

  • [Slow Dash] – Petrifies all colliding enemies
  • Skill Upgrade> [Tornado Grenade] petrifies target on hit -> now gives additional 50% weapon power for 10 seconds
  • Skill Upgrade> [Tornado Grenade] increase radius and duration by 100% -> additionally increases damage inflicted on enemies within radius by 25%
  • Skill Upgrade> [Sand Sniper Shot] Increase damage to petrified targets by 100% -> additionally increase weapon power by 50%
  • Skill Upgrade> [Power Shield] Increase effect and duration by 2 times -> additionally grants 2 times weapon power
  • Skill Upgrade> [Slow Dash] petrify enemies in path -> Since petrification is now a base skill effect, this upgrade changes to immediately refill magazine and increase skill power by 5 seconds.
  • Skill Upgrade> [Slow Dash] Summon petrifying sand tornado on perfect dodge -> sand tornado increases in size, critical chance increase by 50% for 10 seconds


Explosion Scope bug fix

  • Fixed where damage applied was based off target attack power instead of Breaker attack power. (Previously dealt more damage the stronger the enemy)
Enhancements to Explosion Scope
  • 1% Chance to apply 1000%->2000% of Breaker attack as damage
Bug fix to Defense Suit of Retaliation

  • Attack damage from relic effect is now applied to final attack power instead of base attack power.
Relic Buff
  • King of Hearts – Now needs 20 or more relics in possession from 30
  • Heal Scope – From stack 3, now has 1% chance to apply 500%->1000% of Breaker attack as damage
  • Explosion Defender – Deal 2000%->3000% of attack power to nearby enemies when receiving knockback
New relic [Lightweight Magazine] added
  • 5 stack relic that increases attack speed
  • Base effect of increasing 15% attack speed
  • Additional effect from 3rd stack to 5th, weapon power increase by 30%, 60%, 90%

Lightweight Magazine makes hit-based weapons more powerful and synergizes well with hit on effect relics and relics like the infinite magazine. Supports attack ability of Shooter and Technician type Breakers.

Description for ammo based relics added
  • Application status on melee / Cannon type weapons clearly stated
Negative effects on relics now have a different color
  • Example) A relic that caps max HP at 30% now will be emphasized in color
Changes to relic icons
  • Close Ranged / Ranged Defense Suit : Change to defense suit icons
  • Special Charge Module : Change to skill core icon
  • Greaves / Speed-up Greaves : Change to Greave icon
Changes to the ordering of relics
  • Relics with similar abilities are now easier to see
Galaxy balance
  • All enemy HP bar decrease by 20% in single-player mode
  • Enemy attack power decrease by 20% in Czerny 2 player mode
  • Enemy attack power decrease by 30% in Symphonia 3 player mode
Improvements to Alert Level system
  • The range and duration of Blackhole skill by an alert level monster has decreased
  • Human shaped alert level monster’s skill cooldown motion and tracking time is shorter
Convenient features added
  • When a planet is cleared, fallen players are automatically revived
  • You can check galaxy progress in your stat display
  • You can also check in the multiplayer lobby to see the final boss beforehand and choose your Breakers
  • Changes to default ping button location
  • Changed to + button since many players were pinging by mistake during fights
  • You can press the tab button in the lobby to check Breaker stats
  • Effects of returning to lobby changed to be less of an eye strain
Bug fix
  • Improvements to frame drops in Xbox Series S
  • Fix to galaxies being locked when the previous galaxy is cleared with a friend invite
  • Now automatically unlocks galaxies if the previous galaxy is cleared with a friend
  • Changes to the algorithm for relic chance
  • Now easier to create the build you want
  • Fix where Boss warning would not pop up in the jungle map
  • Fixed translation errors
  • Fixed where Jungler portrait would be on Sandman Achievements
  • Improved where enemy projectiles could not be easily seen on Tundra maps
Ranking reset
  • Rankings will be reset entirely. This is intended to give a fair start to users who did or did not take advantage of the relic bug.
Anti-hack program applied
  • If there is hacked data, the game can be rolled back to previous data
  • Players using hack tools can be restricted from matchmaking

Cheat programs, trainers, and other data manipulation attempts can lead to players being detected as hack users and can be restricted from multiplayer mode without notice.

Changed difficulty applied to Steam Demo version
  • Czerny single-player mode difficulty lowered
  • Jungler enhancements applied
  • Demo can be now enjoyed with a lighter heart than before.

Download free Anvil patch 9 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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