Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition (AOE 2) update 54480 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to AOE 2 patch notes, the latest update added new Maps, Spectator chat is now activated, and lots of bug fixes. Apart from this, Age of Empires 2 (AOE 2) patch 54480 also includes balance changes and new Co-op Content!

Previously, a big update was released with bug fixes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Age of Empires 2 patch 54480 will fix a few of these issues.

Age of Empires Patch Notes – Oct 6, 2021


Stability & Performance

  • Optimized achievement synchronization after start up.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when downloading a mod with an excessively long name.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when accepting a steam invite to a password protected game when the “You are victorious” message is displayed after a Multiplayer game and then choosing Leave Map.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to join a lobby while the Lobby Browser is refreshing.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when changing the game’s language in the options while having certain mods installed.
  • Fixed various crashes that could occur when the system is running out of memory.
  • Fixed a desync issue that could occur in Multiplayer games which contained AI players, such as Coop Historical Battles.
  • Optimized the Mod download process from the in-game Mod Center to allow for greatly improved download speeds.
  • Selecting the Maximize button in Window Mode now keeps the Window Mode format and doesn’t change the setting to Full Screen.
  • Disbanding a Clan after creating it and then entering the Profile menu will no longer cause the menu to freeze.


  • Fixed an issue with the “Sheep Hoarder” achievement where, under specific circumstances, it didn’t always recognize all sheep that the player owned.
  • The “90kg Over 300 Meters” and “Anyone Order a Pizza?” now unlock as expected.


  • Male Lithuanian villagers will no longer rarely use the Lithuanian Monk’s voice.
  • The frequency of animal noises across all biomes is now lower, the volume levels for sounds relevant to Desert biomes has been decreased to better match that of other biomes.
  • The way Obuch attack sounds play in large battles has been improved.


  • The Dawn of the Dukes DLC campaign selection screen now has an updated map background.
  • MVP badges in the post-game Statistics screen are no longer awarded to more than one player from the same team.
  • Building Armor is now also displayed for building foundations.
  • It is now possible to select and delete multiple saved game files at once.
  • The Sicilian Tech Tree now properly shows Siege Onagers as an available option.
  • Pressing any letter on the keyboard in the Civilization Selection window automatically selects the first civilization starting with that letter, pressing it again will cycle through until returning to the first option again.
  • The Tech Tree now displays the appropriate War Galley research cost in the Fire Ship and Demolition Ship tooltips.
  • It is no longer possible to overwrite an existing savegame file while the list of files is loading.
  • Fixed an issue where the initial notification players see when receiving or sending tributes was often truncated.
  • When spectating a game or viewing a recorded game the Research Panel now remembers whether it had been enabled/disabled last and displays as such. It’s enabled by default.
  • When spectating a game or viewing a recorded game the Chat Menu can now be opened to view chat history.
  • All units which can be selected together by double click are now also considered the same units when (de)selecting them on the UI using shift click.
  • Entering the Campaign selection from the Main Menu no longer occasionally shows a black background.
  • The “Total Games” statistic in the Player Profile now displays the correct number of games.
  • Converted Folwarks now display their Building Range Indicator properly.
  • The Building Range Indicator now properly displays for the Fire Tower.
  • The Ranked Leaderboards screen now displays the proper amount of required games that still need to be played until the player is ranked in the selected mode.
  • Cleaned up and clarified various error messages which can display under specific circumstances.
  • In-game chat is now visible to spectators.


  • The “Terrain Grid Color” slider and the “Terrain Grid Display” option are now located under the same tab in the Options Menu as those directly relate to each other.


  • Changing hotkeys in the middle of a match while having an object selected will now use the new hotkeys right away without having to reselect the object.
  • Changing the capitalization of a hotkey profile and then saving it no longer creates a new profile, but updates the existing one.



  • Villagers can no longer drop carried resources by garrisoning into Kreposts.
  • Multiple monks converting an enemy unit will now correctly all lose their faith if Theocracy hasn’t been researched yet.
  • Serjeants no longer walk to building foundations other than Donjons when villagers which were selected together with them were tasked to construct them.
  • Houfnice units placed in the scenario editor are now able to use the Attack Ground command as intended.
  • Fixed certain technologies being (unintentionally) non-stackable in x256 techs mode.



  • The Jadwiga campaign’s difficulty rating is now 3 swords (up from 2 swords).

The Jadwiga campaign has received a number of minor tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Jadwiga 1:
    • Opole’s cavalry division in the opening is now on Defensive Stance, not Stand Ground, so that you cannot pick them off one by one before they start chasing you.
    • Opole now focuses on producing Obuch and Crossbowmen, while Mazovia leans more heavily towards Knights.
  • Jadwiga 2:
    • War Galley is now auto-researched, so that you don’t end up wasting resources on the tech.
  • Jadwiga 3:
    • Fixed a bug where Vilnius wouldn’t change hands properly.
    • The player’s starting troops are now respawned at gameplay start so that they are affected by upgrades.
    • Nerfed the Vytautas AI slightly on Hard.
    • Your heroes can now be upgraded as intended.
  • Jadwiga 4:
    • Bombard towers now have the intended increased stone cost of 300 stone.
    • You now get your starting resources when when the B&D begins, preventing you from building a base early with converted villagers.
    • Added a timer to the opening, so that you cannot cheese the mission by raiding the immobile Teutonic Raiders.
    • The main Teutonic army now responds less to sighted enemies, making them harder to kite.
    • Your Lithuanian allies no longer occasionally end up blocking the city streets.
    • Added a trigger to force attacks, for rare cases where the Teutons hang back for several minutes before actually attacking the city.
    • Vytautas no longer tries to rush the main Teuton camp.
    • Added a trigger to keep Vytautas from getting stuck in the Raider base after they are defeated.
    • Vytautas now sends smaller initial attacks towards the Raiders.
    • The main Teutonic army now gets upgrades with each wave, starting with the second one.
    • The main Teutonic camp is now more difficult to assail.
    • The flag by the deserter is now removed after completing the side quest.
  • Jadwiga 5:
    • The Crimean Tatars no longer delete their towers when defeated, meaning the Ruthenian villages can no longer be auto-liberated by taking out this player.
    • Ensured Kazikermen doesn’t start building their Wonder until after Vytautas’ and Tokhtamysh’s banter.
    • The army spawn for the Golden Horde finale is now deactivated when the army starts disappearing off the map.
    • The troops around Temur for the finale are now correctly displayed as “Tatars”, not “Italians”
  • Jadwiga 6:
    • The player no longer gets their name changed to “Tatar Mercenaries” if those are the mercenaries they pick.
    • You can no longer cut your way into the finale area with onagers etc.


Two new co-op campaigns are now available!

  • Attila the Hun:
    • The Scourge of God
    • The Great Ride
    • The Walls of Constantinople
    • A Barbarian Betrothal
    • The Battle of the Catalaunian Fields
    • The Fall of Rome
  • Suryavarman I:
    • Usurpation
    • Quelling the Rebellion
    • A Dangerous Mission
    • Challenging a Thalassocracy
    • Nirvanapada



Cannon Galleon [Standard & Elite]: Projectile speed increased from 1.95 ▶ 3.


Long Swordsman: Melee armor increased from 0 ▶ 1.

Two-Handed Swordsman: Melee armor increased from 0 ▶ 1.


Long Swordman: Cost decreased from 200 food ▶ 150 food.

Supplies: Cost decreased from 150 food & 100 gold ▶ 75 food & 75 gold.



Krepost: Damage of main arrow increased from 9 ▶ 10, damage of secondary arrows decreased from 11 ▶ 10.



Burgundian Vineyards: No longer converts half of the food stockpile to gold. Still enables Farmers to generate a small trickle of gold.



Feitoria: Hitpoints decreased from 5200 ▶ 2700.



Teambonus: Effect changed to Transport Ships gain 5 line of sight and cost 50% less.



Chatras: Battle Elephants [Standard & Elite] bonus hitpoints increased from 50 ▶ 100.



  • When starting gameplay on the Empire Wars mode, villagers surrounding the herdable have an equal chance of generating female and male variants.
  • When starting gameplay on the Empire Wars mode, villagers intended to spawn as lumberjacks are now more reliably gathering wood instead of another resource.

Map Balance


  • Starting forests spawns are now randomized between 3 forests in the back of every player’s base, 2 in the back and 1 forward and 1 in the back and 2 forward.
  • Fixed a rare issue where forests would sometimes fail to generate for one player in 1vs1 matches.
  • Non-standard numbers of players on larger/smaller maps no longer cause missing forests.
  • The third gold pile for each player in team games is no longer generated excessively far.
  • Extra gold on larger map sizes now spawns in 3-tile groups instead of 2-tile ones
  • The number of predator animals has been restored to the original values, which is an increase compared to the previous version.


  • Increased the number of forest clumps generating around the players but decreased their size.
  • Reduced the number of straggler trees on the surrounding elevation.


  • Removed the extra gold deposits on the middle islands.
  • Increased the size of the furthest gold deposit on the player islands.
  • Decreased the amount of forest on the map.
  • Added slight elevation variation to the player islands.
  • Most of the water is now frozen, allowing land units to move between islands much more effortlessly.
  • All deep fish has been removed from the water.


  • Markets now appear in all four corners of the map.
  • Players now spawn with two trade carts instead of a scout.
  • Players now spawn with one house in their possession.


  • Each forested area on the map now contains the same amount of wood.
  • When playing Empire Wars, lumber camps may now generate on both nearby forest areas (all lumber camps will still generate together).
  • When playing Empire Wars, the forest in which your lumber camps are generated will be fully explored at game start.
  • When playing Empire Wars, the chance of lumber camps or villagers being stuck in the forests is decreased.

Mountain Range:

  • All water and shallows are removed and replaced by an unbuildable rock terrain.


  • Boars are moved slightly closer to the player’s town centers.


  • Reduced the maximum amount of herdable animals per player from 15 to 12.

Northern Isles:

  • Players now spawn with one house in their possession.


  • Forests have been pushed further away from the players.
  • The size of the forests surrounding the players has been reduced.

Random Map Scripting

  • The min_connected_tiles parameter now properly works for all players when using behavior_version 2.


  • If a player pauses the match in Multiplayer gameplay and then resigns, disconnects or otherwise closes their game the match will now always unpause after a short time.
  • The player’s preferred and banned map choices for a matchmaking queue are now locked when they enter the queue.
  • Lobby settings no longer reset between games hosted by the same player.
  • Fixed an issue of the Lobby Browser displaying incorrect information about the lobby that the player already joined before returning to the Lobby Browser.
  • The Lobby Browser now displays a proper list of lobbies when more than 5 filters are being used.
  • Empire Wars map bans now properly display the maps’ icons in QuickPlay.
  • Ranked queue now continues instead of stopping if another player leaves from the found match.
  • Alt+F4 & Queue Dodging: Included in this update is an initial measure aimed at discouraging queue dodging. Players who Alt+F4 out of queues will receive progressive timeouts and their ability to rejoin the queue will be affected depending on the frequency with which they disconnect to work around the matchmaking system. This is being deployed for the first time in this Update and we’ll be monitoring activity and feedback to see where adjustments may be needed.



  • Fixed an issue with the default AI player which could cause a game freeze on the Nile Delta map location.
  • Extreme difficulty: The AI now guards camps with spears against scout rushes more effectively.
  • Extreme difficulty: The AI may now use Onagers to cut trees when advantageous.
  • Optimized AI behavior on various maps which had previously proven to be difficult for the AI to play.
  • Further optimizations to strategical decision-making of AI players.
  • The CD AI (legacy) now performs better when playing as the Burgundians, Sicilians, Poles and Bohemians.


  • Lumberjacks no longer rarely turn idle after gathering a tree’s resources to completion and will attempt to gather from another nearby tree as expected.


  • up-remaining-boar-amount now considers object state in addition, if the current closest animal has the maximum amount of gatherers, it will attempt to pick another animal to hunt.



  • When updating a mod with a new image the proper image now instantly displays in the UI.
  • Feitoria and Trade Workshop productivity now use separate sets of resources (205-208 and 242-245, respectively).

Scenario Editor

  • Fixed an issue where a Goth player’s population cap was increased every time the scenario was tested/loaded.
  • The Display Timer effect now has an option to toggle the replacement behavior on and off.
  • Added an object-state dropdown to the remove-object effect to allow removing building foundations.
  • The Set Location trigger effect may no longer reset when selected.

XS Scripting

  • Main functions in scenarios now run before the game begins, just as it works for Random Map Scripts.
  • Files included via #includeXS in RMS that are stored in the XS folder under the user profile path will now be transferred to other players when hosting custom lobbies.

Download free Age of Empires 2 update 54480 on PC(Steam).

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